What You Can Love After Twilight Ends

With the Twilight Saga coming to end next year, the world needs a new box office reign to have our affection. Without Bella and Edward in our lives, whose teams are we are going root for? And whose wedding are we going wait months to see! Well, there are a couple of new sagas that might be awesome enough to grab our heartstrings.

The Hunger Games

The new trailer debuted earlier this week, and it seems that it has “Twilight” like success ahead of it. With a huge marketing push and Lionsgate Films biggest budget ever, the trilogy is destined to garner major attention. The trilogy is based on the best selling novels about a dystopian world where young people must represent their districts in order to gain necessities such as food. Based on the trailers we have seen, it looks like its going to be amazing on screen.


Warm Bodies

This is one of the first unique takes on the zombie genre in a long time. It is based on the Isaac Marion novel, and is a zombie love story. A teenaged zombie named R, eats the brains of a young man and absorbs the memories he has, including his love for his girlfriend. With R in love for probably the first time in the apocalyptic world, and he ventures out to find her. It is currently being filmed by Summit, the studio of “Twilight”, and is set for release in August 2012.

Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Warm Bodies

Ender’s Game

The novel by Orson Scott Card, has been massively successful as well as its sequels. It follows the story of Ender Wiggin, a young man who is recruited for trainer as a part of Earths ongoing battle agaisnt the aliens known as Formics. This is another major production by Summit, however, it is a pretty violent novel so whether the film will be rated as such or diluted to a PG-13 form, is still unclear.

The Mortal Instruments

I have read this novel, and I have to say, this seems like it is a forerunner for our attention once Twilight is over. It focuses on Clary, a young woman who becomes a part of underground demon hunting society. She also falls in love with a attractive young demon hunter (called shadowhunters) who may or may not be her sister. Its a long tale (about 5 books long) and has a plethora of mythical people, beasts, and characters. It was very similar to Twilight and Harry Potter so I have a feeling it will do well.

Vampire Academy

What do you get when you have  vampire father and a human mother? The heroine of a seemingly endless series of books. Rose Hathaway is the main character in a setting where there is an ongoing battle between two tribes of vampires. There has already been a half dozen novels with more onthe way. The rights have been picked up by Preger Entertainment but not much has been heard about it sense. But do we want another series primarily about Vampires?

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