Live-Action Akira Delayed Again

We’ve done some various reporting on the upcoming live-action Akira but this is by far the most disheartening for fans of the story. If you (like me) have been anxiously awaiting for the film, prepare to wait even longer.

It seemed that the live-action adaptation of the graphic novel and animated film, Akira, was finally moving forward after a rough few years for Warner Bros. trying to get the film made. It had finally recieved the green-light in October of 2011 and casting rumors started swirling.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the pre-production on the film has been halted. It states that is has been halted because the budget for the project needs to be reworked. It currently has a high price tag of $90 million and now the budget needs to be slashed by at least $20 million dollars in order to continue

Akira is most known for its famously adapted anime feature length film that was released in 1988. The anime and the live-action film are both based on the original manga created by Katsuhiro Otomo.

The story depicts a sci-fi cyberpunk dystopia that takes place in “Neo-Tokyo” which is in place of present day Tokyo. The live-action version however, is going to take place in “New Manhattan” rather than in Japan.

So far, there are many high-profile actors who had expressed interest in roles in the film, with only Garrett Hedlund being the only attached actor. Other actors who are up for parts include Helena Bonham Carter, Kristen Stewart and Ken Wattanabe.

It is being directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and has the script written by Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Gary Whitta, and Steve Kloves.

The problem comes with the studio however. Collet-Serra will attempt to work with producers to get the required budget cuts finalized, but if he isnt able to satisfy the studio then the project could likely be cancelled entirely.

I will be very disappointed if this movie isn’t made. It does have a big budget, but thats because its a very in depth film. If you have seen the anime, its obvious why the budget is so high. Hopefully they studio can find a happy medium with the director and the script writers so that the project is able to continue.

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