Development Diary Released For The Video-Game of Thrones

The developers of the new Game of Thrones: the Game, aka VideoGame of Thrones, have released a new development diary detailing their work on the RPG. Cyanide Studios had begun the development on the game is before the HBO series began.

The game is being spun as an original interpretation of the book series although the author of the series, George R.R. Martin did not write the script or the dialogue. Although Martin did collaborate with Cyanide to ensure that nothing in game would conflict with anything that the story has coming.

The plot of the game will run parallel to the first book. However, instead of simply recreating the entire storyline, they cheater two new playable characters: Mors Westford, a ranger of the Night’s Watch, and Alester Sarwyck, a red priest. Mors has the ability to control his pet dog using telepathy and Alester will have magical fire powers. Players will switch off between the characters through out the campaign that could last anywhere between 25 hours to 40 hours to complete. Players will also have to make tons of moral choices along the way.

You can watch the development diary below:

Note: the video is for mature audiences only as is the video game.

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