New Kick Ass 2 Details Released

Several new details have been released for Jeff Wadlow’s upcoming project Kick-Ass 2. It has been confirmed that all of the core cast members will return, including Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Negotiations are currently underway for Garrett M. Brown’s return to the role of Roswell (Dave’s dad), according to Moviehole, and it has been announced that he will have a more active role in the sequel.

Auditions for the role of Uncle Ralph, the guardian of Chris/Red Mist, will also begin soon. Fans can expect this role to be filled by someone of a Mark Strong-esque stature.

As for the film’s story, part of the plot will revolve around someone discovering the hero’s identity, with both Dave and Mindy possibly being found out.

Much of the storyline will also focus on Hit Girl and what happens to her after the events of the first movie. After her identity is released, she begins to be teased and bullied and given a less than classy nickname of “Captain Muffin-Muncher.” But don’t expect Hit Girl to cower in the face of the teasing. She is always ready to take charge in confrontation and self defense.

More details on the film are slowly being released, but with all the main cast returning it seems it will definitely fall in line with previous installment.

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