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Top 5 Most (Likeable) Badass Characters From Game of Thrones - Optionated

Top 5 Most (Likeable) Badass Characters From Game of Thrones

By on June 15, 2012


Almost every character in the hit HBO series has killed someone. In fact, most characters have killed several people. While many of them are terrible people who we love to hate, others are actually pretty awesome characters whose killing is overshadowed by everything else they do whether it is protecting the innocent, avenging honor, or repaying debts.

They are the most likable of the badass characters in “Game of Thrones.”

:::Warning Spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished Season 2 or read the books:::

The Hound (Sandor Clegane)

The Hound AKA Sandor Clegane has quickly climbed the ranks to be one of the better characters despite his limited screen time. Despite his brutality and the fact that he enjoys killing, he is very compassionate especially toward Sansa (the little bird). When she is attacked and almost raped after the riot, he swoops in a kills/maims her attackers without a second though or mercy (and with incredible swiftness). But what makes him so badass is that he openly and often defies Joffrey and his cruel treatment of Sansa. Not many characters can get away with saying “fuck the city, fuck the king” without someone trying to kill them or without Joffrey throwing a hissy fit commanding your death.

If you still doubt his badassery, then just watch the Blackwater battle again.


Who doesn’t LOVE Brienne? The lady warrior who could kick all of our asses. She is quite possibly one of 5 females in there series who doesn’t use their magic vagina to get ahead. Instead she kicks ass and proves herself worthy of being a knight. Not only is she able to defeat countless men in battle, but she is fiercely loyal, first to Renly then Catelyn, and doesn’t succumb to the weakness of flattery.


She displays some major fighting skills in the season 2 finale which gains her respect from the “best” fighter in Westeros, Jaime, albeit only a little bit at first. And we all know she is perfect match for Jaime if only he wasn’t in love with his sister as they could bang and sword fight all day long.

Tyrion Lannister

Easily not only of my favorite characters but I can guess that he is on most fans favorite character list. He is not only witty and clever but as the brother to the Queen Regent and uncle to the King, he repeatedly stands up to them, calls them out for their selfishness and occasionally cowardly ways, defends the innocent around him. He defends Sansa against Joffrey’s cruel treatment further infuriating him. He also isn’t afraid to call the Queen out for her relationship with her brother and for her child being unmanageable.

He is also not afraid of battle like the “King.” He has killed several people, with a shield, with an axe, probably with his words once or twice. What is also repeatable is that he doesn’t seem to enjoy killing like the majority of those around him, rather he likes cunningly defeating people.

Plus we get amazing gems of Tyrion slapping Joffrey like the little jerk he is:

Oh and this one:


I love Bronn, even though he is sellsword who would probably leave everyone and everything for the right price. It started by him willing to fight for Tyrion at the Vale, from here on out he and Tryion were besties, you know the kind where one friend is paying the other for their friendship. Although that doesn’t take away from their bromance, merely enhances is as Bronn would say.

One of the great aspects of Bronn is that he isn’t afraid to tell it straight to Tyrion even if it is something he doesn’t like to hear. He is also an incredibly skilled fighter who would rival that of Jaime and Brienne. He slays several men during the Blackwater battle and is also responsible for shooting the wildfire at the fleet, effectively killing hundreds of men.

Despite his joyful take on killing, his friendship to Tyrion and his sardonic sense of humor that provides some comedic relief for the audience makes him one of the more likable characters in the series.

Jaqen H’ghar

People all over the world are finding themselves strangely attracted to Jaqen (myself included). Whether it is because he talks about himself in the third person, is incredibly enigmatic, knows how to avenge properly and with honor, or he is just that good-looking, it is pretty obvious he is a badass. He can stealthily kill anyone the girl names and does so without even batting an eyelash. He more than easily kills the guards at the gate for Arya to escape. His strength and skill are unmeasurable as we almost never how he kills just the results of it. He never lets his strong guard down except when Arya names his name as the last. He shows his (albeit tiny) vulnerable side as he bargains with her to unsay his name.

But it comes down to this: The man repays his debts and looks sexy while doing it.

Honorable mentions: Robb Stark, Arya Stark, Loras Tyrell.

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    I love Daenerys! she is
    considered the righteous heir of the throne who happens to have three dragons,
    and everyone loves her and wants to marry her because she’s so beautiful and
    perfect. http://www.ranker.com/list/most-badass-ladies-from-game-of-thrones/ranker-of-thrones

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