Cabin in the Woods Director Rewriting World War Z

Am I the only one who thinks the current version of this film adaptation should be scrapped and redone? This is actually closer to happening than you might think. The film version of Max Brooks’ much loved novel World War Z has had its ups and downs… OK, so it has been mostly downs. In fact the movie hardly resembles the book anymore with exception that both have zombies in them.

However, it might be on an incline after several months of incredibly unlucky setbacks. Cabin in the Woods director and overall awesomely faced genius, Drew Goddard, recently announced that he has been hired to re-write the ending of the World War Z film. According to Deadline, he will come in and finish out the ending the Damon Lindelof dreamt up from an earlier pitch for the project.

But can Goddard save this mess? While he is certainly talented, there may not be enough time for him to fix the broken project. Rewriting the end will help but can it fix the project that is already plagued by so many problems?

It seems current director Marc Forster has surely created a huge mess out of the picture. Going so far as to completely strip away the oral documentary concept of the book and replacing it with a thread known as Brad Pitt to keep the scenes together. Pitt will effectively be a (albeit strained) version of the reporter collecting stories during the apocalypse. Though, rather than merely collected stories of the doom that engulfed the world, he will be racing against a clock to save the world. Yet that major change is not even the worst part.

The film has had a notoriously high budget that continues to climb along with the need for massive reshoots that has delayed its release date by 6 months. The script has also presented major problems with rewrites being ordered more than once for the picture. There were even talks of the film becoming a trilogy as a way to handle the bumbling storyline that was created with what seems minor similarities to its supposed source text.

Goddard may be the best thing to happen to the adaptation. He has experience in the sic-fi genre already with his work on the aforementioned Cabin in the Woods as well as Cloverfield. He also worked on tv series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Lost.” (And hey, Joss Whedon likes him!) But in the end the studio may have better luck scraping the project and starting over from the beginning with Goddard from the get-go.

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