New Batman Action Figures Revealed For Dark Knight Rises

By on July 12, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters on July 20 in about 18 countries worldwide, and another 38 markets the following weekend, according to

WB has upped the amount of screens they’re putting the film on by about 4,000 over 2008’s The Dark Knight, according to ComingSoon.

The new film will be played on about 15,000 screens overseas, which ComingSoon reported isn’t the biggest overseas opening, but still sizable.

In promotional news for the film, Hot Toys unveiled a Dark Knight Rises action figure. It comes with multiple accessories, faces and hands that are interchangeable.

The figure can also be placed on a Batpod or in a new vehicle called The Bat (sold separately).

To see the new toy, check out the photos below:


Editor’s note: I find the above toy incredibly creepy and Patrick Bateman-esque. Anyone else feel this way?

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