Sleeping Beauty To Become A Pesky Stalker

This is the Sleeping Beauty you probably remember. It’s not going to be anything like this. 

Fresh on the heels of two Snow White adaptations this year alone (Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman), another classic fairy tale is getting the big-screen makeover. Neal Moritz, producer of 21 Jump Street, is developing a new take on the old story of Sleeping Beauty. 

Keeping up with the idea of edgy remakes, Moritz’s Sleeping Beauty, which is set to be released in 2014, will take some liberties with the typical charming princess character, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Instead, Aurora will be portrayed as a “pesky stalker.”

The new version of the Brothers Grimm story will be a “modern-day retelling” in which the male lead accidentally awakens the princess, who then becomes lovestruck and stalks him. You may remember watching the original film adaptation created by Disney, in which the princess in cursed by the evil seen Maleficent into a perpetually sleep until a kiss awakes her, complete with songs and happy endings. Though, it doesn’t seem Moritz new retelling will go in this direction.

The film will be a comedy, according to AceShowbiz, and Moritz will produce through his Original Film banner.

However, the project does not yet have a studio.

Moritz’s Sleeping Beauty should not be confused with the currently in production film Maleficent, starring Angelina Joli, another retelling of the same fairytale from the point of view of the evil queen.

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