The Amazing Spider-Man Grosses $35 Million In One Day

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man began its North American run with the highest Tuesday gross ever, according to Box Office Mojo, earning $35 million in one day. The Spidey reboot took in $7.5 million in 3,150 midnight screenings Tuesday, with $1.2 million (about 16% of that amount) coming from 300 IMAX midnight screenings.

This amount is similar to the amount Spider-Man 3 earned in midnight screenings on May 4, 2007. Spider-Man 3 earned $59.8 million its opening Friday, and a record-setting opening weekend of $151 million.

In The Amazing Spider-Man’s first two days, it made $59.2 million, which indicates the potential for big earnings throughout the upcoming weekend. Box Office Mojo speculated that the success of the new film will end rumors that a reboot released so shortly after Sam Raimi’s franchise would be unsuccessful.

Due to this unexpected success, Sony Pictures announced this week that The Amazing Spider-Man will be the first in a trilogy, with a sequel in the works for May 2014.  Andrew Garfield is expected to reprise the role of Peter Parker, according to BBC News.

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