New Dexter 2 Minute Teaser Trailer


A brand new full trailer for Showtime’s “Dexter” season 7 has been released and jeepers, does it look intense. The new episodes kick off on September 30th and it looks like this will be a doozy.

The tagline for the new season states, “Many have met the Dark Passengerā€¦ Few have survived. Once you’ve seen him, there’s no escape.”

This new season is picking up immediately after the shocking finale of season 6. In case you some how forgot the monumentous finale, it ends with Deb walking in right as Dexter is making his latest kill out of Travis. There was much speculation regarding what Deb’s reaction would be (aside from general knowledge that she was sure to have an expletive filled response.) Fans had wondered whether she would take him in, or help him cover it up especially with the knowledge that she is in love with him.

Well, some of these questions have been answered by this new trailer. It appears from the trailer that Deb will be helping Dexter at first until his true dark passanger is revealed at least for now. Also his blood slide is found linking him to the past murders that were previously linked to Doakes.

So what the hell will happen to Dexter? He cryptically answers “The only thing worse than not knowing what she will do, is not knowing what I will do.”

Newcomers this season include Ray Stevenson, Yvonne Strahovski and Calista Flockhart. And it is going to be a fun ride.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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