The Dark Tower Turned Down By Warner Bros.

The big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower continues to fall on troubled waters as another studio turns down the project. Universal Pictures dropped the project that would have been a multi-film commitment earlier this year and now Warner Bros has reportedly turned down a proposal to take over the ambitious project.

The adaptation was being helmed by Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment according to Variety.

While Warner Bros, is the latest in a list of studios turning down the project, the film may not necessarily be dead. In a world where most of our biggest hitting franchises are adaptation of fantasy and science fiction novels, King’s Dark Tower franchise would seemingly fit right in.

Howard initially planned to make a triology based on the novel series with an accompanying television series to fill in the gaps between each film installment. Akiva Goldsman is on board to provide the screenplay and has reportedly delivered his latest draft for the first film

It was also originally reported that Javier Bardem would be expected to portray gunslinger Roland Deshain, a character who travels across a desolate and vaguely post-apocalyptic landscape in his quest for a black tower. Russell Crowe later showed interest to take the lead role if the project got a greenlight from Warner. There is no word on whether Crowe will remain attached to the project since  the studio passed on the project.

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