Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis in talks for “American Assassin”

Bruce Willis

An American king of action cinema has his sights on a new film. The role would put star, Bruce Willis, in the role of a mentor CIA agent. When you consider how much fun 2010’s RED was, where Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren portrayed aging spooks, the new picture, titled American Assassin, should catch your attention.

What we know thus far is that American Assassin is a thriller, slated for delivery via CBS Films. Mike Finch wrote the script and Jeffrey Nachmanoff will take directing duties. Nachmanoff has directed a handful of episodes of the critically acclaimed television drama, Homeland, starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Remember the director’s name also because he wrote 2013’s upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer, called The Last Stand. Hey, the former governator always promised he’d be back.

Another important name behind American Assassin is Lorenzo di Bonaventura. He is producing the upcoming picture along with Nick Wechsler through di Bonaventura Pictures. Di Bonaventura has been behind a slew of pictures, to include Derailed, Man on a Ledge, Shooter, Salt, and, yes, even RED. It’s safe to say that he knows his way around a thriller.

The plot for American Assassin centers upon a young CIA operative named Mitch Rapp. He’s a graduate of Syracuse, a former grad student there, in fact, which means he’s a sharp cookie. After his girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack, he turns his energies toward joining the CIA. Terrorists beware. Once he’s with the agency, Willis’ character mentors the younger agent.

Sources say Willis has had this script in his hands for a while, but is closing in upon a decision. Filming is scheduled for 2013. Once Willis signs on, the studio would need to cast the role of Mitch Rapp. I’m a Jeremy Renner fan, but here’s to hoping this is one film he won’t be considered for. He can’t be in everything, am I right? Who would you pair with Bruce Willis?

One exciting Hollywood pairing is Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who are sure to rock the box office with the upcoming September 28 release of the science fiction thriller, Looper. The mere mention of the film makes me drool.

You see, director Rian Johnson worked with Gordon-Levitt in 2005 on the extraordinarily unique picture, Brick. In that one, a young Gordon-Levitt pays homage to hard boiled film noir detectives, yet is acting as a modern day high school student. The sophisticated language Rian Johnson utilizes in the film is nothing short of incredible. Looper re-teams Jonhson and Gordon-Levitt in a science fiction picture tailor-made for the young star of Inception, Dark Knight Rises, and Premium Rush.

No one anticipated Bruce Willis coming on board. As sweet as that is, it presented challenges, as Willis and Gordon-Levitt look nothing alike, yet are acting as younger and older versions of the same man. The result for Gordon-Levitt was hours in the make up chair and blue contacts, all to make him look more like Willis. You can even hear him talking like Willis in the trailer.

Looper also seems to me to have a few similarities with a classic Willis film, 12 Monkeys. I find that, too, pretty exciting.

Bruce Willis is also said to be working on a new Die Hard picture.

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