Amazon Studios Options Ania Ahlborn’s ‘Seed’


Horror is coming to Amazon, hopefully in a very good way. Amazon Studios is the department of the web giant where original content is fostered. It has also just optioned the rights to Seed, from author Ania Ahlborn. Seed began as a very popular horror novel for 47North, which is Amazon Publishing’s science fiction, fantasy, and horror imprint.

Seed first made its debut in 2011 as a self-published work of scary fiction. Amazingly, it soon became Amazon’s #1 best-selling horror novel. There was no real advertising campaign in place either. Seed‘s popularity is due to its genius and to word of mouth.

After the initial run, Seed was re-released in 2012. This occurred after some re-tooling by Ahlborn, who also added over six thousand words to the original manuscript.

The story of Seed‘s success sounds an awful lot like the story of Hugh Howey, who self published his short story/ novelette, Wool, also through Amazon and gained uncommon notoriety through word of mouth. Howey reportedly fixed typos along the way thanks to readers’ feedback. Wool is now an entire series and may have a big screen adaptation in its future as well.

That’s the big news this week. Amazon Studios wants to make Seed into a feature film. They have already began the testing phase for an adaptation.

The novel takes place in the deep South and centers around a man who unfortunately has a demon who won’t get off of his back, literally.

This is the first time Amazon Studios has ever optioned a novel in its circulation before. Usually only movie scripts and episodic series projects are funneled through Amazon Studios.

Our primary objective at Amazon Studios is to develop great, commercial projects that our customers love,” said Roy Price, Director, Amazon Studios. “Ania Ahlborn’s Seed has been a top seller for Amazon Publishing’s 47North so we already have a sense of the mainstream attraction of the story and are excited to keep the project in-house for movie development.”

A trailer contest was recently held, allowing fans of the horror novel the chance at creating what would be chosen to be the official Seed book trailer. The winning entry is called “Grinning Demons”. It’s makers won $3,000, and was personally selected as the best by the author Ania Ahlborn. Her other big news is that her second book, The Neighbors, premiers November 27.

Here’s the synopsis for Seed:

With nothing but the clothes on his back—and something horrific snapping at his heels—Jack Winter fled his rural Georgia home when he was still just a boy. Watching the world he knew vanish in a trucker’s rear-view mirror, he thought he was leaving an unspeakable nightmare behind forever. But years later, the bright new future he’s built suddenly turns pitch black, as something fiendishly familiar looms dead ahead.

When Jack, his wife Aimee, and their two small children survive a violent car crash, it seems like a miracle. But Jack knows what he saw on the road that night, and it wasn’t divine intervention. The profound evil from his past won’t let them die…at least not quickly. It’s back, and it’s hungry; ready to make Jack pay for running, to work its malignant magic on his angelic youngest daughter, and to whisper a chilling promise: I’ve always been here, and I’ll never leave.

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