The Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets

Ken Kwapis Options ‘The Care And Feeding Of Exotic Pets’

The Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets

The Care And Feeding Of Exotic Pets is an upcoming novel by Diana Wagman. IG Publishing releases the thriller on November 13th, but it must be especially exciting, because there is already a film adaptation in the works.

Ken Kwapis and Alexandra Beattie run the production company called In Cahoots. Cute name, yes? In Cahoots has won the rights to adapt The Care And Feeding Of Exotic Pets. Kwapis will direct the motion picture and it appears he is also working on the adapted screenplay.

The Care And Feeding Of Exotic Pets follows main character Winnie Parker, the mother of a teenage daughter who is quite the handful, and the ex-wife of a popular and well-known game show host who has left her for a hot, young contestant, whom he met on air. Winnie’s life feels pretty mundane and probably a bit unlucky, until she kicks off a brand new day by leaving her car with a mechanic. She accepts a ride to the rental car place, but she isn’t actually getting a ride at all. It dawns on her that she’s been kidnapped. Talk about things going from bad to worse.

Next, Winnie ends up inside the kidnappers house, which is most unusual. You see, the home is tropically heated. The kidnapper keeps it this way for the betterment of his house pet, Cookie, a seven-foot long Iguana with attitude. Now that’s a sinister setting for what has been described as a riveting psychological game of cat and mouse. Apart from having a penchant for exotic pets, the kidnapper gets more and more crazy as Winnie tries both to free herself and figure out why she’s been taken in the first place.

According to Amazon, the novel is, “An engrossing, darkly humorous, edge-of-your-seat story, [that] explores the dynamic between kidnapper and kidnapped, bizarre reptile lore, and the absurdity of the celebrity lifestyle.”

I’m ready to watch this one. They ought to cast Michael Shannon as the kidnapper.

Ken Kwapis’ bread and butter thus far seems to be in chick lit adaptations. Some people think of chick lit as a four-letter word, but I think He’s Just Not That into You, which he directed, is a bit of a new classic. We don’t get too many When Harry Met Sally type films these days. Although ensemble romantic comedies can be terrible, I thought He’s Just Not That into You was entertaining and fun. He also directed The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which also had it’s charm and appeal. Casting for both those women-centric dramadies was excellent.

It will; however, be interesting to see Kawpis direct something with bite. There’s a dark edge to The Care And Feeding Of Exotic Pets.

If you want to read the story before the film debuts, it is available for pre-order at Amazon and through Barnes & Noble. Wagman’s previous novels are called Bump, Spontaneous and Skin Deep. Spontaneous won an award for literary fiction in 2001.

Kwapis and Beattie also work in television. They shopped two half-hour comedies to NBC and have two Showtime pilots in development. We all know the quality for which the Showtime network is usually known, so those will be shows to track. They are also working on a film called Alive And Well, written by David Hubbard.

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