Mark Millar Wants Bradley Cooper for ‘Supercrooks’

Marvel’s man Millar wants Bradley Cooper? That’s right! First we hear that 20th Century Fox hired the comic book writer behind The Authority, Wanted and Kick-Ass as their creative consultant for all the upcoming Marvel Comics-themed projects, then we discover the first look at the Kick-Ass sequel official synopsis, and now we discover that the man with the plan wants to adapt Supercrooks with our very own “Face” from 20120’s The A-Team.

Kick-Ass and Wanted are just the beginning of the Millar-pocalypse! Millar wants to deliver movies for at least three more of his MillarWorld comics. Apparently the interwebs are all a-buzz with new news concerning an adaptation of his comic, Supercrooks.

Not familiar with that one? Well, Supercrooks, is an Icon Comics title, like Kick-Ass. There are four issues, which Millar wrote with the very talented artist, Mr. Leinil Francis Yu.

Millar has a chosen a director for the project, but hasn’t named him as of yet and there is already a screenplay, which means, half the preliminary work seems to be done! Millar really hopes this project will be in full production mode as soon as Christmastime. And if you’ve been to a department store lately, then you know Santa’s already on his way.

What really has the buzz going is Millar’s name dropping. What’s on his Christmas list this year? He wants Bradley Cooper to star as Johnny Bolt. I hope you are listening, Mr. Cooper.

I am literally calling up his guys tomorrow and want to secure him as Johnny Bolt.” says Millar “It’s about TIME he did a super-movie and having him as a likeable super-villain in a super-heist flick sounds about perfect. He’s our ideal choice and we’re going to pursue this properly tomorrow once I’m done with our Kick-Ass 2 business for the day.”

You’ve got me sold, Mr. Millar! By the by, did we mention three MillarWorld comics would be coming to a theater near you, besides the ones you already know? Well, Supercrooks isn’t one of those three! So this will be kind of like a treasure hunt as we wait for the names to be dropped of the other three.

And here’s what you’ve really been waiting for. What the heck is Supercrooks about?

When the market is flooded with competition and the authorities are always on your tail, what’s an all-American super villain to do? Go to Spain, of course! Johnny Bolt convinces his villainous pals to pull off one last heist but will culture shock get to them before the policia do? And when Johnny’s target is revealed as the greatest super villain of all time, things go horribly wrong – but it’s too late to turn back. A massive secret in the American superhero community might just work in their favor, and if the Supercrooks can survive, it will mean an enormous payday!

Sounds like a rip-roaring good time to me! If you are wondering, yes, Cooper does look a tad bit like Yu’s illustrations of Johnny Bolt.

Kick-Ass 2 is coming June 28th, 2013.

Right now Cooper is wowing in Silver Linings Playbook opposite Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence.

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