The Walking Dead

McFarlane Designs ‘Walking Dead’ Series 3 Action Figures

The Walking Dead

The master of action figures, Mr. Todd McFarlane has conquered the likenesses of comic book and anime characters, but he’s also the king of the horror action figure. To prove he’s worthy of that crown, the toy designer has been hard at work on a series of figures inspired by the hit AMC network offering, The Walking Dead.

In fact, collectors have plenty to look forward to when it comes to making their purchases of miniature tributes to the ultimate zombie series. McFarlane has not yet released his line of Walking Dead, Series 2 figures for purchase, but we can assume they’ll be available soon. Do you know why? It’s evident by today’s headline. There’s already a Walking Dead, Series 3 line of action figures. You can take a look at the awesomeness right now.

Talk about attention to detail! When I first saw the Michonne figure, I thought it was a photograph. I was ready to compare the photo of the character to the McFarlane toy. If you look closely; however, you can see where her arms and legs are moveable at the creases. The jeans, as well as Michonne’s hair, reveal incredible realism. Check out the dirt on her shoes, too. The Katana wielding former lawyer will be acted by Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead‘s upcoming third season.

These actions figures will be released in March of 2013. Though season three returns to the airwaves on October 14th, fans will only be able to devour the first 8 episodes at that time. It’ll be around the time these toys are on the market that the second wave of 8 episodes will hit.

Another character in McFarlane’s batch is the Merle Dixon figure, but you didn’t think the master of horror would stick to human subjects, did you? Not for the weak of stomach are “the Autopsy Zombie” figure, and both of Michonne’s “pet” zombies. She’s so hardcore. If you are a fan of the original Image comic book series from which the show was inspired, you’ll even find variations Michonne and her “pets” in black and white. We hear the MSRP on each figure will be $14.99. You can pre-order yours today by visiting They come in singles as well as in sets.

If keeping zombies in your home isn’t quite your style, but you still just can’t get enough of the zombiepocalypse and all the Walkers it brings, don’t forge to check out the web series the show and comics have inspired. It’s called Cold Storage.

The Walking Dead

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