Goosebumps Film Adaptation Is One Step Closer With New Director


“Goosebumps,” the popular horror book series from R.L. Stine looks to be one step closer for its next adaptation. The film project was first announced that it was in development wayyyy back in 2008 with Columbia Pictures, but has since stalled. Today it was announced that the project seems to have finally found a director. Deadline reports that Monsters vs. Aliens and Gulliver’s Travels director Rob Letterman is in talks to helm the brand new adaptation.

This project has seen its fair share of revolving crew members. Screenwriters Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (known for his work on 1408) were first hired on before it was taken over by Carl Ellsworth in 2010. Darren Lemke then took over again last year to adapt the material.

Neal Moritz is producing the film through his Original Film banner with Deborah Forte of Scholastic Entertainment.

The children’s novels were first released in 1992 with the first book entitled, “Welcome to Dead House.” Since it’s release the books have become a worldwide success with over 350 million books sold as of 2008 (about 50 of those probably belonged to my family.) The series has already been adapted twice, once in television form and later as a video game. The television series ran from 1995-1998 with each episode featuring a storyline from one of the books in the series. In 2011, The Hub channel released a new series called “The Haunting Hour,” in which author Stine wrote every episode; due to popularity it has been announced that 3 more series will come.

“Goosebumps” spawned three video game adaptation, two of which were created for PC by DreamWorks Interactive. Escape from HorrorLand was released in 1996 and was a sequel to the novel “One Day At HorrorLand.” Attack of the Mutant was released in 1997 and was a direct adaptation of the novel of the same name. The third game was released in 2008 called Goosebumps HorrorLand based on the series of the same name.

There is no word yet on what the film will feature and how it will adapt the series for the big screen. With the amount of stalls this project has been through, it may be a while before this film actually gets made.


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