The Flash Will Wear His Iconic Red Suit in New Series


Given the amount of success The CW received with their comic book based television series, “Arrow,” it is no surprise they are attempting it again. The network’s newest proposed series will be based on the DC Comic’s character The Flash. 

New details about the series having been pouring in over the last week. According to the CW, The Flash will be introduced in the upcoming season of “Arrow.” From there they will attempt a spin-off series for the character. According to the writers, The Flash will first appear in the 8th and 9th episodes on “Arrow” while the 20th episode will serve as the backdoor pilot for the spin-off.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writers Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns revealed even more details about the project.

“When we first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist … an ordinary man,” Kreisberg said. “Part of the fun for the audience … is to see how we view our Arrow take on the Flash legacy. Some of it will feel very familiar to DC Comics, some of it hopefully will feel different, fresh and exciting. The same way we approached Arrow is the same way we’re approaching Barry.

The writers also revealed some interesting news about the show “Arrow,” which began as a superhero series without an superpowers. It appears that season 2 will stray from that ideal.

“There will be extraordinary events in the world and the characters will react in the same way,” said Kreisberg.

In talking about the look of the character, Kriesberg assured us that The Flash would remain his iconic self.

“No sweat suits or strange code names; he will be The Flash.”

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