The Hour of Peril Will Be Adapted Into A Miniseries


The New York Times bestselling narrative nonfiction novel, “The Hour of Peril” has been optioned by The Weinstein Company to create a television miniseries with Brendan Deneen and Charles Spicer attached to executive produce on behalf of Macmillan Films. The novel was published in February of 2013 by Minotaur Books and written by Daniel Stashower. 

“The Hour of Peril” follows the intensely true story of how the legendary detective Allan Pinkerton and his most trusted operative, the fearless Kate Warne – America’s first female private eye – raced against the clock to detect and prevent a plot to assassinate President-Elect Abraham Lincoln before he could take the oath of office. This pair of American Heroes safely delivered Lincoln to Washington to assume the Presidency in one of the great untold tales of the Civil War era.

Meryl Poster, TWC President of Television, said,

“Daniel Stashower’s ‘The Hour of Peril’ is an untold and landmark moment in American history, with the suspense and fervor of a crime thriller, which will make for immensely captivating television.”

There is no word yet on when the mini-series will begin production or who will star in the adaptation. Likely, the casting for the production will begin within the next few months while the company prepares the production schedule.

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