Fox Plans Batman-Inspired Series, “Gotham”


If you are one of those people who watch any “Batman” movie or show but find yourself wondering, “but what about Commissioner Gordon?” Your pleas for some back story to the life of Gordon have been answered. Deadline has reported that Fox is working to develop a new live-action series called, “Gotham” that will follow the adventures of a young Detective James Gordon. The series comes from “The Mentalist” creator Bruno Heller.

Commissioner Gordon first appeared in “Detective Comics” #27 (the 1939 comic that also debuted Batman).  His character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. He was previously played on the 1960’s “Batman” television show by Neil Hamilton. Gary Oldman most recently portrayed the character in Christopher Nolan’s big screen trilogy.

“Gotham” will see several of the Batman villains but the superhero will not appear in the series though whether or not Bruce Wayne will appear has not been mentioned.

There is no word on when the series will go into production or who the studio is looking at to play the young detective. Gotham city without the Batman does not seem like it will fare well considering Gordon can’t seem to get anything accomplished without his incredibly rich BFF Bruce Wayne paying for everything and offering moral(?) support.

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