Hugh Jackman Negotiating for Villain Role in Joe Wright’s Pan


Opening night of Broadway's After Midnight-ArrivalsJoe Wright’s upcoming Peter Pan original tale has begun casting. Hugh Jackman is currently being eyed to play the lead villain role, the pirate Blackbeard.

The original story, known as Pan, is based on the screenplay by Jason Fuchs and is produced by Greg Berlanti. The story will serve as an origin story about an orphan taken into the world of Neverland where he becomes a hero to the natives by leading a revolt against the pirates who terrorize them. While Blackbeard would be the antagonist, Hook would still appear in the film as Pan’s ally before turning bad. (Reportedly, Ryan Gosling has already passed on the role of Hook.)

According to a report from Variety, the studio was initially looking to Javier Bardem to play the villainous pirate however he ended up passing on the role.

The studio has also begun an open casting to find a young new actor to play the title role as well as looking for an actress to play his love interest Tiger Lily.

Pan is already scheduled for a release date of June 26, 2015.

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