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7 Book to Film Adaptations That Are Underrated By Society

As we know there are a ton of book to movie adaptations out there with some of them less desirable then others (ahem The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore) but there are few that for some reason society doesn’t like when they rightfully should! These are seven films that I have watched and loved over the years but  I don’t feel society gives them the attention and credit they deserve. They may not stay true to the book, they have something about them that makes them memorable or recognizable. Continue reading

5 Guilty Pleasure Movies You Can Watch Or Read

We all have movies that we would never admit to loving as much as we do. These are movies that are either particulary girly or silly, but are movies we love to watch over and over and over again. These are movies that we will always love to watch and probably always will. These are my five guilty pleasure movies that also happen to be based on equally awesome books. Continue reading