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Safety Not Guaranteed – One of the Best Movies On Time Travel You Will Ever See


I know this movie is a bit of a stretch for this niche website. However, I think I can make it work. Check it: Safety Not Guaranteed is based on a classified ad that was run in a 1997 issue of “Backwoods Home Magazine.” Yes, the ad was initially a joke meant to fill the extra space, but it was printed and intrigued thousands of people. So it works, right? It’s settled.

Safety Not Guaranteed is not just a sci-fi film or just an indie film. It is a romance film, a science fiction film, and indie film, a comedy, and a drama all rolled into one beautiful package that I want to watch a million more times (and possibly have the scene where they are camping on loop, amiright?)

Initially, what first intrigued me to see this movie when it was announced last year was the actual ad it is based on.

The ad that is the basis for the film (which you can see below), reads,

“Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 91 Ocean View, WA 99393. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.”


I mean who doesn’t love a good time travel movie? The ad is fascinating but doesn’t give away anything about the film. For a brief (spoiler free) synopsis we have two interns and a writer from a magazine in Seattle investigating the ad. Darius (played by Plaza) connects with the young man claiming time travel as they finish the machine and plan out their first mission together.

But what really sealed the deal for me was the cast. The film sports an indie cast that you can’t help but fall in love with. We have a main character played by Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”), her colleague Jake Johnson (“New Girl”) and the self-proclaimed time traveller played Mark Duplass (“The League”).  If you haven’t watched these actor’s televisions shows, you are missing out. Each actor has their own personality that they infuse into the character without losing the essence of their character. Not once during the film was I seeing April from “Parks and Rec” or Nick from “New Girl.” Even Duplass was able to separate his Pete character from his role in this film.

safety not guaranteed trust

The time travel aspect of this film is approached perfectly. The film is mostly about the characters and their relationships with each other with this time machine concept sitting in the background. The science behind it is barely elaborated on (something with lasers and a boat is about all we get) while most of the movie is spent watching our two travellers prepare for their mission.

I also want to note that the film is gorgeous. The director, Colin Trevorrow, knew exactly what he wanted so the film was shot on the Sony F3 using old Panavision lenses, which gave the film a desired “Hal Ashby look.” The result is that the film utilizing a lot of flat colors and pale  tones that somehow add to the characters disillusioned state of mind.


:::: Spoilers Ahead ::::

Safety Not Guaranteed is one of those rare films that is able to capture that feeling that most of us just miss. The pain and isolation that comes with growing up, with evolving, with the always-scary idea of change. For Darius the isolation is self-imposed. After the death of her mother, which she believes was her fault, she is unable to connect with anyone, to let anyone in, or even let herself be happy. For Jeff we see him becoming disillusioned with love and relationships. Arnau, on the other hand, yearns for relationships with people but is so introversive that he can barely talk to anyone openly. All of us can identify with one of the three main characters. What is wonderful though, is that we get to see these characters move forward after so long of being stagnant in their lives. Darius finally opens up and Kenneth see the real her and even lets him in romantically. This fact is only intensified by the knowledge that she has never had a boyfriend or been with someone in such a way. Jeff attempts to find what he is missing in his life by revisiting his past, but not by time traveling. Instead he tracks down an old girlfriend in a misguided attempt to feel like young and innocent love he once experienced with her. Once she rejects him he realizes that he can never go back to being young again but he can also feel real love again. Arnau, with a little pushing from Jeff, is able to overcome his shyness to actually have a relationship with a woman (albeit is a one night stand, but it remains a huge step for the character.)

It is arguable that Kenneth is the only one who truly open and honest with himself even when others think he is weird or crazy. He is probably the most mentally healthy character in the film. Though his relationship with Belinda and the truth behind her is debatable and up to the viewer to decide.

Possibly the best part of the entire film is the ending. The whole movie you have this feeling of something building. Something small at first. You think it is the romantic feelings between Darius and Kenneth (which let’s face it, was fucking adorable and I just want to hug both of them). However, the moment comes when she finally boards the boat/time machine, this exact moment is what the entire film was leading. It is the moment Darius boards the machine and in an instant they are gone. It is such a powerful and astonishing moment that for a second you are left staring at the screen, speechless.

As one of my friends said when we were talking about the film, “I still get chills thinking of the ending.” Don’t we all…

5 Things Fans Want Out Of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.


Production has finally begun for “Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.” and fans are starting to get excited for the Joss Whedon adventure (and maybe this one won’t get cancelled after one/two seasons!) So far only the pilot has been ordered but given the amount of hype the series is already getting and the big names that have signed on, it seems doubtful the show will get less than a full season order.

It was revealed last week that “Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.” will take place after the film, Marvel’s The Avengers. The timeline and connections of this show has led to several questions and expectations that will surely be answered in the pilot episode and subsequent seasons.

So, here are five things that fans will want answered in the highly anticipated series.

::::Possible Spoilers Ahead::::

#5: The Origins Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has six interconnecting film as well as three shorts with the agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. playing a role in all of them. The big question, however, is about how the organization of was formed as it has never been fully explored. It is not a long shot to assume we will learn more about the inner workings and the origins of the agency in a series called “Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.”

One suggestion is that Marvel Studios could decide to follow the comics and have the agency be created by Fury  but rather than acting on it, he files the idea away where it’s then discovered and put into action by the unnamed council of twelve people (renamed the World Security Council in The Avengers). What makes this idea work is that it adheres with the current dynamic that Fury and the Council presented in the film.

With Whedon on the project, however, expecting something more isn’t out of the ordinary. Whedeon’s projects often have a secret organization that seemed to control everything yet you only learn about their history little by little throughout the series, never giving too much away at a time. We see this with the Initiative in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” Wolfram & Heart in “Angel,” Blue Sun in “Firefly,” and Rossum in “Dollhouse.” It would fit right into his style if we never fully know the back story of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” until the very end.

#4: Cameos

Seriously. One of the things that makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe awesome is how interconnected every film is to the others. Marvel Studios has done a phenomenal job at keeping everything together and with the release of a television series also set in the universe, they have a wealth of time and material to keep things fresh in between films. However, this also means fans will be expecting some cameos.

Currently, Clark Gregg is the only returning actor who has confirmed to appear on the show.  Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t been contracted to appear, Cobie Smulders is still contractually obligated to “How I Met Your Mother,” and there’s been no talk about Scarlett Johansson participating in the show.

Since the show is based on the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, its operatives are probably the best bet at cameos that fans will see. The actual superheroes are less likely though not completely out of the question. Taking a look at each hero it seems that Thor will be the least likely to make a cameo with the fact that he lives in outer space not withstanding. Now that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are BFF’s since the end of The Avengers, and Tony’s reputation for making things for S.H.I.E.L.D., it stands to reason the pair of them could make an appearance. Additionally, it appears that Marvel is stalling the development of the “Hulk” television series which could hint at his appearance in this project.

Some fans are also hopeful that S.H.I.E.L.D. will allow glimpses into the superhuman prisons on Earth namely The Vault, The Raft, and The Cube.

#3: Consistency

This has been mentioned a lot already and is not really a worry so much as an expectation. Things can get dicey with a media empire such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then to throw a television show into the mix, that can be downright scary when it comes to continuity. One line of dialogue can cause a canonical error that will alienate fans as well as push the show further from the movies rather than closer.

The one thing that will keep this project on the right track is, that’s right, Joss Whedon. Fans should have no fear of the consistency of this show with him in charge. He already has great knowledge of the universe after working on the film not to mention how well loved his past television projects have been.

Fans have also pointed out that the continuity will in fact be easier to maintain with the television show addition surmising that it is a lot easier to lose the details when there is a new movie every three years rather than a new episode every week.

#2: Foreshadowing For New Films

Given how connected all the movies are, it is not surprising when one of them references another or gives hints to what fans can expect in the future. For example, at the end of Iron Man 2, there is a map on a computer screen with various blips indicating different characters from the Marvel Universe. It is short and sweet but for fans who notice it, it reminds them that Whedon has got this and there is nothing to worry about.

Marvel has consistently foreshadowed throughout the films they’ve made. Iron Man had the initial “Avenger initiative” conversation. The Incredible Hulk had the frozen Captain America briefly appearing in an alternate opening, and Tony inexplicably had Captain America’s shield in Iron Man 2. These are details that aren’t just decided on a whim, rather done purposefully to hint at what is to come.

With Whedon at the helm, it seems safe to say that the show will contain hints and clues to upcoming movies and events.

In the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the series will air after Iron Man 3 and around the same time that Thor: The Dark World is released but before Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This gives some opportunities to lay some groundwork before these films hit the theater without outright spoiling the films. Marvel Studios has made their films stand alone and connected at the same time so fans and audiences don’t have to see every movie to appreciate the story, but if you’ve seen them all then there are pieces inside to connect the dots and it stands to reason that S.H.I.E.L.D. wont be any different.

#1: Agent Coulson’s Return Explained

It was revealed that the character of Agent Coulson would be in “Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.” despite the fact that he seemingly died at the end of The Avengers. Fans will want a good explanation of why this character is back and more importantly: How?

It has been speculated that what was actually seen in the film was the death of a Life Model Decoy (as mentioned by Tony Stark earlier in the movie). What makes this plausible is that we know Fury lies and therefore could have lied in order to bring everyone together for the big bad fight against Chitauri.

Others have said the exact opposite. That it is possible that the Coulson on the series will be the Life Model Decoy while the original Coulson did indeed die in the film. What makes this idea plausible is that having a “robot” character struggle with being his humanity as an AI while remaining unkillable is right up the alley of a Joss Whedon project (“Dollhouse,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” anyone?)  and would continually add depth to character.

Whichever way they take it, fans WILL be looking for an explanation.

Before You See the Movie…Read the Book!


Our sister site, BSCkids, recently discussed the merits of reading the book first before watching some of this year’s most anticipated films including Warm Bodies, The Host, and Catching Fire. Here we discussed some of the more adult films coming out this year including The Hobbit and Gatsby. 

In general, film industry executives and production companies are more willing to finance movies that are based on books, since such projects automatically come with a built-in audience. 2013 proves to be no exception to this rule, as numerous page-to-screen adaptations, most of which are geared towards teenagers and young adults, are slated to premiere this year.

While it may be easier (and undoubtedly less time-consuming) to simply wait for the movies to open in a multiplex near you, you would be doing yourself a severe disservice and missing out on much of what makes these popular stories truly great. Cinema and literature are both art forms, and as such, are capable of expressing and conveying different aspects of the human condition. Film allows you to see fantastic worlds and iconic characters brought to life on screen, but it also presents a very narrow depiction of a story – by necessity, only one person’s vision can be immortalized on celluloid at any one time, and all too often, a director’s Sirius Black or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry looks nothing like the one you pictured in your mind the very first time you read a Harry Potter book. Where movies enable the audience to quite literally sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, literature encourages readers to become active participants in the story, rather than mere bystanders. With books, you never have to press pause in order to go back and re-analyze a particularly mysterious moment, and there is nothing stopping you from reading a favorite scene over and over, delighting in the clever dialogue and beautiful imagery on the page. Books also have no fixed length, unlike movies, most of which run around an hour and a half long, and can thus go into more detail, focusing on background characters and subtleties that truly bring the fictional world of the story to life. For all these reasons, children and teenagers who are excited about 2013’s upcoming movies should make the time to hit up their local bookstore or library before going to the movie theaters. Try reading one of the suggested books below before you watch the film version, and see for yourself how much richer the experience becomes!

The-Hobbit-Part-1The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, is a quick-read of a fantasy novel that chronicles the exploits of a wizard, a band of mischievous dwarves, and a little hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. The book, much lighter in tone and style than Tolkien’s master saga The Lord of the Rings, is relatively short (at least by Tolkien’s standards), with a page count of around 300 pages.Most readers will be able to finish the novel in less time than it takes them to watch one of Peter Jackson’s sprawling, three-hour-long epic adaptations on film. Young children will love the antics of the dwarves in The Hobbit and will identify with Bilbo, a fun-loving hobbit fond of food and creature comforts, while older readers will enjoy meeting the character of Gollum for the first time and analyzing the ways in which the events in the book lead up to and foreshadow the darker tale of The Lord of the Rings. The second film in director Peter Jackson’s Hobbit prequel trilogy, entitled The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, opens on December 13, 2013.

The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby appears on most high school required reading lists for a reason – although it was first published in 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel remains one of the most searing, heartbreaking depictions of love, loss, and the deception of the American dream ever to appear in print. The Great Gatsby so fully transports readers back to 1922 Long Island that, for the duration of the book, you find yourself half-believing that you are physically in the middle of one of Jay Gatsby’s infamously extravagant parties, surrounded by the smell of illegally-obtained gin and the swinging blare of jazz horns. Although young children will not easily grasp the subject matter or antiquated language of the novel, teenagers and advanced readers will be raptly drawn into Fitzgerald’s lively portrayal of the Roaring Twenties, and will identify with the book’s themes of social stratification, shifting gender roles, obsession, and disillusionment, themes that are readily recognizable to a generation of young people inheriting a world facing economic collapse, an increased gap between those that have and those that do not, and a growing sense of disenchantment with the supposed American “dream” of material wealth and mass consumption that has been handed down to them. Director Baz Luhrmann’s movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby opens on May 10, 2013.

And in case you missed here:

catching-fireCatching Fire is the second book in Suzanne Collins’ best-selling Hunger Games trilogy, and should not be missed by anyone planning on viewing the film. The book goes into far more detail than will be possible to explore in the movie’s short time span, introducing not only the entire resistance movement dedicated to overthrowing the Capitol but also a variety of fascinating, extremely complex adult characters like Finnick Odair, Annie Cresta, and Johanna Mason, all previous Victors of the sadistic Hunger Games who are still struggling to deal with the ramifications of winning. The novel is full of intense action sequences tempered by pivotal, oftentimes touching interpersonal moments crucial to heroine Katniss Everdeen’s individual growth as well as her changing relationships with Peeta, Gale, her mother, her little sister Prim, and her stylist Cinna. Catching Fire, as a book, is able to dig into a Panem that is darker and more complicated than the one portrayed in the PG-13 film version, and older readers will be attracted to the gritty reality that appears below the polished surface of the glitzy Capitol. The film version, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, opens on November 22, 2013.

Soul-Crushingly Bad Movies Inspired by Video Games


Hollywood filmmakers are, to put it bluntly, a rather greedy and opportunistic lot. No trend, brand or character is immune from being brought to the big screen in an attempt to wring some profit out of movie-goers. Video games are no exception and the results over the years have been mixed. “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” was pretty good, and if you didn’t love the plot, at least you couldn’t disagree with Angelina Jolie’s wardrobe.

Unlike Tomb Raider, many games don’t have a compelling plot or enough characters to justify a film adaptation. But with the recent announcement of an Angry Birds movie in 2016, you might download games online today and see movie trailers once a large enough fan base is established. Angry Bird creator Rovio is financing the full-length animated movie themselves, so we may start seeing more gaming-related films being produced outside of the traditional studio system.

We’ve highlighted three of the worst movies made from video games. What do you think is the worst? Let us know in the comments!


The Game:

The original game in the franchise was released in 1994 as an arcade game and eventually for home gaming on PlayStation. TEKKEN was one of the most popular hand-to-hand fighting games of the era, allowing players to choose from a wide variety of fighters. It gave rise to several sequels and is beloved by many a video game aficionado.

The Movie: Tekken (2010)

The film was produced in America and only theatrically released (with any minuscule amount of success) in Japan. Stateside, it was so poorly received that it was given a straight-to-video release. Even the producer of Tekken (the game) publicly bashed it, saying in a tweet from his @Harada_TEKKEN account, “That Hollywood movie is terrible.” Further derisive comments on Rottentomatoes.com include:

  • “…a limb-snapping effort of escapism surrounded by bland writing and sleepy performances.”
  • “The fight sequences – dreamlike and almost-spiritual in the original game – are relegated to UFC-style octagons, shot like shaky-cam snuff and soundtracked by Insane Clown Posse-wannabees. It’d be headache inducing if it weren’t so damn boring.”
  • “…You do not want to see Tekken the movie.”


The Game:

Released by Terminal Reality in 2002, this game features a well-endowed, scantily clad female protagonist by the name of Rayne. She is a dhampir (half-vampire) intent on hunting down her vampire father and striking down any vampires she meets on the way. She joins the Brimstone society and works with them to vanquish the undead and prevent powerful occult relics from falling into the wrong hands.

The Movie: Bloodrayne (2005)

If you invoke the golden rule, you can’t say much about the film except for facts. So, here goes: Meat Loaf was in it. Ben Kingsley, Michelle Rodriguez and Billy Zane were also in it. The movie had a budget of $25 million and grossed almost $3.6 million, which leads us to believe it wasn’t well received.

Critical responses on Rottentomatoes.com were pretty forthright about how terrible the film was, saying things like:

  • “The fight scenes are the worst kind of editing-room cheating, meant to cover for actors who haven’t been trained to wield anything more intimidating than a cell phone.”
  • “Turgid drama and incompetently staged action sequences…”
  • “This is a movie that begs you not to watch it.”

Super Mario Brothers

The Game:

Back in the day when the original Nintendo console was king, everyone who was anyone had a copy of Mario Brothers. Mario and Luigi are some of the most recognizable video game characters in the world. Every platform ever sold by Nintendo features multiple game titles with these guys as featured players or stars. It must have seemed like a slam-dunk in Hollywood, bring the duo to the big screen.

The Movie: The Super Mario Brothers (1993)

Despite starring talented actors like Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper and Samantha Mathis, this film is a flop. The world of Dinohattan is campy and the action is not compelling. We kind of wish they’d flushed this concept down the pipes.

Critical highlights on Rottentomatoes.com include these gems:

  • “Game over, man.”
  • “Super Mario Bros. is about as playful and challenging as an unplugged pinball machine.”
  • “They should have used cheat codes to make this a winner.”
  • “It will baffle kids, bore adolescents, and depress adults.”

Guest post written by Mark Sumner

A very busy film editor, Mark is glad that his film trivia is being put to some use and that he can use his writing abilities to supplement his artist’s income.

Examining the Big Screen Adaptation of Life of Pi

Having read The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, in my high school AP english class, I was weary of a movie adaptation from the beginning. Call me cynical but every book I really loved seems to be drastically different when adapted for the big screen. (Yes, I can admit that not all adaptation are bad they are just different.) I have literally spent hours dissecting the novel with my fellow AP english peers (I say this as I thumb through my overly highlighted and marked up 5 year old copy from class) and I could probably spend hours examining the film once it is released but lets just start with what we do know.

If you haven’t read the novel or know about the film, it follows the character Pi Patel in the events of his life including leading up to and becoming stranded in the Pacific Ocean in a lifeboat with a tiger named Richard Parker.

Beginning with the characters, we have two that are essential to the plot: Pi and Richard Parker.

Piscine Molitor Patel

Pi is a 16-year-old son of a zookeeper in Pondicherry at the start of the novel. When the family decides to move themselves and the zoo to Canada, disaster strikes as the boat sinks and Pi begins his 227-day experience in open water with a tiger, a, zebra, a hyena, and an orangutan (though only Pi and the tiger survive.)

One of the vital aspects of the titular life of Pi is his religious struggle. Beginning early in his life, he has trouble sticking with one religion. He finds solace and understanding in Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, wondering why he can’t be all three religion.

“If there’s only one nation in the sky, shouldn’t all passports be valid for it?”

Pi’s religious devotion is mentioned throughout the novel but not always in an upfront manner. The use of color is very important within the setting on the novel from the very beginning. Noticing the use of blues, oranges, and greens, gives clues of to where Pi is religiously during major scenes. Whether this will be utilized within the movie is a different question. We know we have the tiger, Richard Parker, which represents his hindu faith, always there. Also the ocean and the sky, blue, and representative of his relationship with Christianity, encompassing him and keeping him afloat even in the most dire of moments in life. Lastly, there is the floating island of green, representing his interest in Islam. Will this be shown? Will this be the safe haven that allows him to survive the ordeal as it is in the novel both figuratively and literally?

Richard Parker

Richard Parker is a Bengal tiger that coexists with Pi in the lifeboat for 227 days lost at sea. As I mentioned before, Richard Parker represents a lot of things in the life of Pi (see what I did there?) My main worry is that we will see him as nothing more than a fucking tiger in a lifeboat.

“There are many examples of animals coming to surprising living arrangements…where an animal takes a human being or another animal to be one of its kind.”

Will they delve into the actual makeshift friendship that occurs on the lifeboat between Pi and Richard Parker? Their relationship goes deeper than mere coexistance. Richard Parker is a stabilizing force both physically, but also emotionally and religiously. Without him there, Pi would not have survived, which leads into the ending.

::::Book Spoilers Ahead::::

The Ending

Did it really happen? When the police and press come investigate Pi and his survival, they listen to his story but when questioned deeper he gives them a much deeper and darker story. A story that involves no animals, no Richard Parker, but only death and despair for 227 days. Pi leaves the audience, the police, and the press wondering which story was the true one.

Will the movie portray this alternative ending? Will it even be mentioned? It is important because you have to remember Pi, all in all, is still a child who could be capable of creating the fantastical story to mask the greater trauma he experienced, though we will never know for sure. However, given Hollywood’s penchant for focusing on the extraordinary aspects of a story while overlooking the original plot/actions/scenes, we can bet that something important will be left out.

“The world isn’t just the way it is. It’s how we understand it, no? And in understanding something, we bring something to it, no? Doesn’t that make life a story?”

You can see a clip from the film starring Sharma, Adil Hussain, Irrfan Khan and Gérard Depardieu below: Life of Pi hits theaters November 21.

9 Scenes From Storm of Swords That Will Be Awesome On Screen


A Storm of Swords is the third novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. It is also going to be the basis for seasons 3 and 4 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” So far the show has not let me down, and as long as they do these 9 scenes correctly, I’ll be happy.

The new season is still kind of far away, but the more news I hear and the more cast pictures I see, the more I anticipate the third season.

So here is a countdown of the 9 moments from SoS that I am most excited to see translated on screen.

::::MAJOR Spoilers Ahead::::

9: Daenerys obtains the Unsullied

I may be the first to admit, but I find the Dany storylines slightly boring. It’s mostly just her complaining to Jorah about her rightful throne and stumbling around Essos. Yeah, her dragons are fucking cool and her slight lesbianism with her handmaidens is hot but she is just… whiny.

However, the way she obtains her army, the Unsullied, was one of my favorite parts of her storyline in SoS. The idea of her giving up one of her children, her dragons for an army bewildered me till I realized her plan.

I think this scene is super important. Using her newly acquired army to sack the city and regain her dragon was clever and strong-willed. This is the first time in the series that I was able to see her as a leader and not as a disillusioned child. She was willing to not only raid the city, but also free the slaves. She is becoming stronger but is managing to hold on to her compassionate side, something most in Westeros can’t seem to do.

8: Jon Snow and Ygritte

I LOVE Jon Snow, and his hair. His beautiful hair. I’m also infinitely jealous of Ygritte (and Rose Leslie for that matter). So I live vicariously through the exploits of the lovers.

If you read any of the scenes between the two and your heart didn’t both ache with sadness and melt with love, then you are probably a robot.

The scenes are filled with hope and grief. Hope for the future of Jon Snow and his happiness yet grief over knowing his mindset. He knows he can’t stay with her, that he has to leave her even though every fiber of his being doesn’t want it.

Also, I want to run my fingers through his hair.

Yes, yes we would

7: Daenerys and Ser Jorah

I included this on the list because it is two books/seasons in the making. Dany needs to learn the truth about Ser Jorah. I mean, yeah, he loves her (creepily I might add) but he still betrayed her in the beginning and it is about time she knew about that.

I think Iain Glen is amazing so I am looking forward to him in this scene specifically. It is emotional moment for both characters and I can only imagine the sad puppy love look that will be all over Jorah’s face.

The Knight of the Friend-zoned

6: Shae’s betrayal

UGH. SHAE. I had such high hopes for her by the end of CoK and the second season. All those hopes were dashed in a two paragraph long structure. I’ve never gone so quickly to liking a character, to hating her, to wanting her dead.

When her betrayal of Tyrion was revealed, I wanted her dead instantly. I got some sort of smug satisfaction that this whore got what she deserved and that it was Tyion who did it.

Watching it will be sad, for sure, to see the hurt in Tyrion’s eye when he finds Shae in his father’s bed will kill me. But seeing that hurt become rage and power will be awesome.

Yeah, because you are a whore. 

5: Joffrey’s death

Some people will say this needs to be higher. But hear me out. We ALL KNEW that his death was inevitable. You can argue that this is A Song of Ice and Fire, that we can expect all the characters to die, but Joffrey is different. Everyone wants him dead. Not just readers but characters throughout the series want him dead. His death had to happen. His death was essential to the safety of so many characters, and vital to moving the story forward.

BUT just because it was a necessity, doesn’t mean I, and fans everywhere, didn’t love seeing him die. Especially in such an ungraceful way. He doesn’t die valiantly in battle, rather he is poisoned and chokes to death in front of everyone at his wedding.

I have a feeling that the Internet and viewers everywhere will be cheering for this scene.

When someone who doesn’t watch the show asks me why I don’t care that he dies

4: Jaime losing his hand

There is SO much to the character of Jaime Lannister. Losing a hand for most would suck, yes, but losing his sword fighting hand for Jaime is a huge deal.  Jaime has said he is only truly alive when he is having sex and sword fighting.

I think this is one of the more important aspects of his characterization because it becomes the catalyst for his change to an honorable person. Jaime is one of the few characters that appear to be unredeemable but end up being probably one of the most honorable people in the series.

I’m also all for more of the Jaime and Brienne relationship.

 It’s okay Jaime, I do too. 

3: Jaime explaining the truth behind Kingslaying

I always enjoyed Jaime’s POV chapters. There is so much more to the character that he doesn’t let on to those around him. The view of Jaime Lannister is completely different compared to who he actually is.

Like Brienne doesn’t want to be called Wench, Jaime hates being called Kingslayer because he did what he did to save thousands of innocent lives. But what I am excited to see how they portray this revelation in the series. Will they have a flashback? Or will it just be an elegant soliloquy? It is a crucial moment in the life of Jaime that changes him forever and in that moment it is also vital to his relationship with Brienne.

He is also pretty dreamy himself…

2: The truth behind Petyr Baelish

I think we all knew from the beginning that Petyr was a fucking snake. But the extent of his abilities were not even partially realized until SoS. He has always been able to have his hands in business all over Westeros but it is revealed that his actions are what led to the crucial events of the entire series.

He convinced Lysa to murder her husband and blame it on Lannisters setting in motion the entire conflict gripping the world. He is the one who poisons and kills Joffrey, and he kills Lysa effectively taking control of the neutral territory of the Vale while holding Sansa Stark there.

I am looking really looking forward to any scene with Littlefinger in it but also primarily the climax of his relationship with Lysa as she goes crazy and culminates in death.

What a creep


OH MY GOD, THE RED WEDDING. I knew of this event before I even began reading SoS though I had no idea what happened. I only knew it would make me sad and angry, and boy did it ever. After finishing the scene, I literally threw the book down on the ground, covered it with a pillow and refused to pick it up for the rest of the night.

I was so traumatized by it that this is all I could say:

I’m not sure if this will be in Season 3 or Season 4 but either way, it is the paramount moment of the entire novel and series up to this point.


4 Things Fans Want to See From the TMNT Reboot

Are you ready for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to return to the big screen? Based on what they’ve seen from an early draft of the script, some diehard fans aren’t too crazy about the whole idea.

A leaked draft of the script for “Ninja Turtles” alters the origin story for iconic comic book heroes in a half shell that are stirring controversy. Reported changes include making Casey Jones and April O’ Neil into a teenage couple and turning the turtles from mutants raised in the sewers into aliens from another planet.

Director Michael Bay is spearheading “Ninja Turtles” through Platinum Dunes, his production company. The franchise reboot was green lit by Paramount and is slated for a 2014 release. Bay has built his career on producing and directing action and science fiction films characterized by explosive action scenes and larger-than-life special effects. Paramount turned to Bay to revive the franchise after his success with “The Transformers” trilogy.

Michael Bay was quick to distance himself from the controversial script, saying neither he nor Platinum Dunes had anything to do with it. If Michael Bay wants to satisfy longtime fans of the franchise, these are four things that must be included in “Ninja Turtles” when it finally hits theaters in 2014:

1.) Turtles must be from Earth

Making the ninja turtles come from another planet doesn’t make sense and isn’t necessary. Their origin story has the turtles come forth as a result of chemical enhancements from toxic waste. The same is true with Master Splinter, the rat who becomes their shepherd. They reside in the sewers and use it as their base while they fight villains in relative anonymity. Bringing the turtles in on a spaceship kind of defeats the purpose of working as ninjas. Why not just blast the bad guys with ray guns?

2.) Shredder needs to be the central villain

No Ninja Turtles movie is complete without Shredder as the primary antagonist. He is a villainous ninja master who leads the Foot Clan and battles the turtles while trying to establish world domination. Turning Shredder into an American general in charge of a secret military division called “The Foot” introduces a foreign concept into the franchise. There has never really been an issue with military or government forces.

3.) April O’ Neil and Casey Jones need to be adults

Changing April and Casey into a teenage couple undermines what their characters are all about. One reason they work as adults is that they can do things for the Ninja Turtles in the outside world while they remain in the shadows. April and Casey are valuable allies in fighting villains. It’s hard for them to fill their roles in a realistic manner if they’re teenagers.

4.) The movie needs a “Dark Knight” style approach

If the new reboot is true to the original comics, it needs to have a dark edge to it. No campy plots or dopey humor will cut it. Movie fans proved with the Dark Knight trilogy that they like gritty realism to guide the plot and define the characters. It will give the movie added layers of depth.

This guest post was authored by Miranda Perez. When Miranda isn’t blogging about the latest restaurants and trends, she is traveling to discover new and delicious creations. Her frequent flier miles are her most prized possession.

7 Things To Look Forward To In Dexter Season 7

Season 7 of the massively popular Showtime series, “Dexter” will be returning on September 30th and fans are getting more excited by the day. We are less then a month away from the season opener which picks up right after the incredible season 6 cliffhanger. In case you haven’t been following the steady release of information, here are a couple of things you can expect to look forward to in the next season.

:::Spoilers Ahead Of Course:::

Deb’s cursing

Okay, this is a given. Debra curses. A lot. However, given her circumstances at the end of season 6, I think it is safe to say we will hear a lot more. Showtime revealed the first two minutes of the first episode of season 7 and I think a minute of that  is dedicated to Debra freaking the fuck out. (and rightfully so, really.) Debra has always been foul-mouthed and crass, and hey, that is what he loved about her, but this season will delve into some of the most fucked up scenarios she probably never imagined.

Season 7 picks up right where we left off in 6 with Debra walking in on Dex in his kill room, plunging the knife into Travis. You can watch the first two minutes of the episode below from the Comic-Con sneak preview.

Dexter Will Go Into Self Preservation Mode

In the past, we have seen Dexter challenged by several different people, all threatening to expose him as a monster. Doakes, Lundy, Miguel Prado, and Quinn all become incredibly close to figuring out who and what he is, yet, he is always able to thwart them using his quick thinking and law enforcement training. We know that when he backed into a corner he begins thinking and considering things he probably wouldn’t have normally, such as killing in order to keep someone quiet, or tampering with evidence to keep himself uninvolved.

Based on one of the trailers released for the new season, it seems Dexter will lie and manipulate Deb from the beginning to keep her from spreading his secret. He always said Deb was the one person he thought he might actually have human feelings for, however, in order to save himself he will have to exploit their relationship, take advantage of her and her feelings for him, to keep himself safe.

It will be interesting to see just how far he will go when forced into a corner by Debra with the overwhelming evidence.

LaGuerta Will Figure Things Out

A recent television spot for the upcoming season shows LaGuerta finding a blood slide of Dexter’s at a crime scene. She immediately recognizes it based from when Doakes was blamed for Dexter’s deeds. It appears she will be a major force alongside Debra in revealing the true Dexter to the world.

My question is this: Will she go way of the original novels? If you haven’t read them, LaGuerta is actually killed in the very first book, and would have been killed in the first season had the show stayed completely faithful (thank god it didn’t, though that is an article for another time). It seems extremely plausible that this season will see the end of LaGuerta. She is starting to find things out, she is putting pieces together from years of experience, and Dexter can’t have that can he?

Changing Relationships

This one is obvious. For 6 years now, we have seen a pretty standard relationship between Deb and Dexter. (I mean standard for them, at least.) He, always closed off and disappearing, her having failed relationships, always leaning on the brother she admired. Then season 6 happened. Deb realizes she loooooveees Dex, loves him in the ooey gooey fashion not the “you’re cool, I guess” fashion.

Up until recently, fans and the internet, were unsure of how Debra was going to handle the revelation of the finale. Would he play it off as a one time thing? Explain that he was vigilante? Would he try to kill her? Would he turn himself in? However, it seems she is not going to turn him in… yet. But it is safe to say their relationship will never be the same. They will never be together, they will never be brother/sister friends again.

Nothing will be the same for either one of them, ever again.

I think watching their relationship change will be one of the most compelling parts of the final two seasons.

Blood, lots of blood

It is Dexter, c’mon. You know there will be lots of blood.

A Season Finale Climax/Cliffhanger

It was officially announced that the show would conclude next season. The producers of the show have stated that both season 7 and 8 will serve basically as one huge conclusion. Everything will be leading up to the end.

I am imagining that the end of season 7 is going to harbor some MASSIVE cliffhanger leaving fans saying “What?!” as if we are all The Doctor finding a woman wearing a wedding dress unexpectedly in our  TARDIS. It would only make sense that the season will not end on a happy note or even a seasonally conclusive note.

Tons of Guest Stars!

Ray Stevenson as Issac – Stevenson will play Isaac, the leader of a Russian organized crime syndicate in the seventh season of Dexter.

Calista Flockhart as an Agent – Calista Flockhart will play the role of an Agent from another bureau, she will guest star only in the first episode of 7th season.

Jason Gedrick as Miami Gentleman’s Club Manager – He will be appearing in multiple-episode arc as a manager of a club where is a high profile murder and there is noinformation on how his character will be affecting the dynamics of the show.

Katia Winter as a Russian Stripper in a Miami Club – Katia Winter will be playing a recurring role of a Russian Stripper in a Miami Club. She may be working in the same club where Jason Gedrick in the manager.

Matt Gerald as a Blue-Collar Worker with a Violent Past – Matt Gerald will be playing a recurring role as a tough blue-collar worker with a bit of a violent past.

Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah Mckay – Yvonne Strahovski will play the role of a strong, independent woman with a past that she’s struggled to put behind her. She will be appearing in multi-episode story arc.

Savannah Paige Rae as young Debra Morgan – Savannah Paige Rae will play the role of young Debra Morgan in the first episode.

Lauren Mayhew in Episode 7.03 – Not sure about her role but She will be guest starring with Matt Gerald in Episode 3 of season 7 titled “Buck the System”.

Nicolas Vigneau as young Dexter Morgan – Nicolas Vigneau will play the role of young Dexter Morgan in season 7 premiere.

Katherine Middleton as Doris Morgan – She will be guest starring the episode 7.01 as Harry Morgan’s wife.

Santiago Cabrera as Jason Price – Santiago Cabrera will be appearing in a recurring role as Jason Price an investigative journalist, writer who might outfox Dexter.

Laura Soares as Dancer/Bartender – Brazilian Actress Laura Soares will be seen as a dancer/bartender of a strip club in the first 3 episodes of season 7.

Mike Foy as Joseph Jensen – Mike Foy will be guest staring in Dexter episode 7.10, no other details about his character is revealed till now.


The Best and The Worst Of True Blood Season 5

Now that season 5 of HBO’s “True Blood” has concluded, it is time to reflect back on the semi-terrible season we all just witnessed. Don’t get me wrong, there were some fantastic moments, moments were my girly squeals of glee echoed through my apartment, but those moments were leveled out by the multitude of times I said “what the fuck is happening?”

So, here is “True Blood” season 5 in retrospect.

I think it goes without saying, but just in case: SPOILERS AHEAD


Russell is back, OF COURSE BECAUSE WHY KILL THE MOST DANGEROUS VAMPIRE? Though he falls in love with Steve Newlin, which is cute in its own creepy “lets drain a fraternity” kind of way. Denis O’hare is a fucking pro and handles his character like a boss.

CHRISTOPHER MELONI (do I really need to say more?)

Eric is finally back to the witty, sarcastic, intense viking we all love by the end of the season. We have missed you Eric.

Sam and Luna are naked this entire season. I’m pretty sure. This a pro because who doesn’t want to see them naked?

Luna’s daughter is a puppy the whole time too, which is freaking adorbs.

Pam does truly love Eric and she used to be a hooker. I love LOVE all the flashbacks to how they met.

Jessica glamours Hoyt to forget her and Jason. It broke my heart. Tears like waterfalls. But I saw the point in it. Definitely one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the entire season. Also the entire back and forth with Jessica and Jason. There are some genuinely sweet times between those two who can just never seem to get it together.

Alcide. Does anyone else feel like Sookie should give him an honest shot. He is sweet and loving and could treat her well. He also spends most of his time shirtless and growling which makes my heart and pants happy.

Vampire religion is a huge role this season. At first, I was annoyed however the more i think about it the more this social commentary didn’t feel as forced as some of the ones in the past. Also led up to Bill’s transformation in to the fucking worst.

Lafayette tells Alcide “don’t fucking growl at me.” Later he makes cajun margaritas and Merlotte’s is at peace once again.

Steve Newlin is a vampire now, wants a pet puppy, falls in love with Russell and then seems genuinely distraught at his death. His whole storyline. Gold.

Everything Roslyn said the entire season.

Sookie vomits on Alcide’s shoes. They do not talk about it.

Stoned vampires. Classic.

Jason says, “I don’t give a twirly fuck.”


Bill has finally secured the role of being the fucking worst. Closely followed by Lillith.

CHRISTOPHER MELONI DIES! I wanted more shirtless Roman, more Meloni damnit!

Tara is a vampire. Her character has annoyed me from the beginning, and her whininess only gets worse now that she has fangs and can’t die.

PAM IS NOT FULLY UTILIZED. She spends the entire season with Tara. Then they make out.

Jason rebuffs Jessica’s love in the end.

Eric bangs his vampire sister.

We learn literally nothing about Worlow.

As in previous seasons, even more storylines are added to this season that no one cared about:

Terry and Ifrit. I literally forgot this whole storyline existed because once it was over, I forced it out of my mind.

Listen, I am all for any reason for Alcide to be shirtless/naked but I do not care about him and his “should I/shouldnt I be pack master” shit.

The fairy elder. What the fuck was that about? I’m glad she got drained.

Andy impregnated that fairy lady, whose “light breaks” and proceeds to pop out four fairy babies and promptly leaves. It took a whole season to lead up to that.

The hate group killing “supes.” They wear Obama masks and it feels forced. This is a storyline I could have done without.

An Illustrative Review of The Dark Knight Rises

Why are you interested in this adaptation?


No one who reads our column will be surprised that I am a huge Batman fan. I think I was introduced to Batman through the excellent Batman: The Animated Series as a kid, but since Saturday morning episodes weren’t enough for me I was also picking up whatever comics I could get my hands on.

I love Batman. I love the whole Bat Family! They’re all so DAMAGED!

Needless to say, I’ve seen Nolan’s Batman Begins (I FELL ASLEEP in the theater watching that, you guys…I own it, though, so I’ve since seen it several times. I hate it. I HATE IT), and it’s not my cup of tea. Nolan’s obsession with making Batman realistic, the made-up character of Rachel…. The Dark Knight is much better and far more watchable, but I still feel like Nolan’s take on Batman is more like a Bond film with a different suit and not a comic book movie. I’m interested in The Dark Knight Rises because I want the Nolan trilogy to end. That’s kind of harsh. But it’s true. I’ve sat through the other two and I’m going for some Batman kicks.


Can we change the question to be “why are you not interested”?  Because I am not interested.  Do you guys remember how when The Dark Knight came out in theaters, everyone loved it—and I mean everyone—except there was always that one token friend or friend of a friend that you had who didn’t like it, but they were such a minority they were almost the exception that proved the rule?  Y’all recall that?  I was that one friend.  I was the one person I and all of my friends knew who didn’t like the movie.

I liked the first one okay.  I don’t have a strong attachment to Batman or any of the old manifestations, so I didn’t mind the attempt to make it more realistic and less comics.  Whatever.  The directing was good, and the story didn’t piss me off.

The Dark Knight was awful for me. Too long by about an hour, waaaaay too many ancillary and pointless plotlines, and I guess it made me dislike Batman’s entire ethos because it is clearly not preventing awful people from doing awful things but rather punishing them for doing awful things.  Totally different thing.  Drop the Joker off the building, city-destroying disaster averted.  Oh, wait, what’s that, it would be immoral to do it?  Look, I’m as libertarian as it gets on civil liberties, I respect things like due process more than 99% of politicians would like, but that’s if you’re acting within the law—it’s to prevent the government from trampling your rights.  In the context, Batman has SEEN the Joker plan atrocities and LAUGH.  And his decision as a goddamned vigilante is to not kill him when he has the chance?  THE FUCK?  And then that shit went on for a whole nother 90 minutes before it was over.  It’s the closest I’ve come to walking out of a movie in recent memory.

I’m still traumatized by that one.

So I was only enthused about TDKR in the abstract, in the sense that if it exists to finance Nolan’s next Inception then I am all on board with him making it…I just don’t want to see it.  The one thing that would make me want to see it would be if it turns out to be, as the title suggests, Batman giving up his morality to actually be a dark knight who kills the motherfuckers before they can burn his ghetto to the ground.  Give me THAT movie, and MAYBE I will go see it.

What would make it awesome?


I believe I just answered that question.  Abstain from redundancy.


What would make it awesome is if Batman is in the movie? The other two films show Bruce having to discover then rediscover Batman. If Batman has to re-Batman again in another hour and a half of “inner struggle” about how Gotham doesn’t need Batman…I will freak out.

I’m hoping for some Catwoman action. Out-smarting all these tech obsessed boys would also be great.

What would make it suck?


I know already that it’s going to be three hours long…so that will probably suck. Only because I know how the Nolan Batman films can DRAG, and sitting there for three hours while Batman batrasps at me and moons over dead fakeRachel will suuuuuck.

I’m really nervous about Bane. Why is Bane British? Why can I not understand him in the trailers? What’s going on with his aerosol mask?  Is this movie going to be one unintelligible guy shouting at another unintelligible guy with Anne Hathaway making stupid jokes in between?


It will suck if it is as needlessly overcomplicated as the second one was.  That many plotlines that are ancillary to the main story are basically masturbation fodder.  Which, fine, if you’re into that sort of thing, but I’m not, so save it for the director’s cut and let me skate out of this with only two hours of my life lost and not three, k thx bye.

Thoughts on casting/production?


I am ambivalent about Tom Hardy. He’s cloned Captain Picard from Stark Trek: Nemesis. He has puffy lips. Those lips will supposedly never be seen as he is playing Bane, and Nolan’s version of Bane is a dude permanently hooked up to Darth Vader’s respiratory machine. I don’t know why. Will we learn why?


Wait, Tom Hardy is Bane?  Suddenly I almost want to see this!  Hardy is still on my automatic-cred list because of Bronson.  It’s going to take a few more stinkers from him for that glamour to wear off…although he does seem to be trying pretty hard to just play the same character every time now.  I guess that’s ergonomic.  Maybe Bane will add some range to his recent portfolio.


Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is both really interesting and really terrifying. Hathaway has that old-fashioned brunette with a round face look that Nolan casts IN ALL OF HIS FILMS. The Catwoman costume I’ve seen is OK. It’s a black jumpsuit with stupid-ass goggle cat-ear things. There appears to be no whip. She also wears RIDICULOUS shoes. Nolan is so obsessed with making everything hyper-realistic, but he’s got Catwoman in shoes she wouldn’t be able to climb around buildings on. So I’m going to assume that she doesn’t climb around buildings and she just wiggle-walks everywhere…hopefully while flipping everyone off. Her casting is definitely a callback to Julie Newmar rather than the Darwyn Cooke design with the head gear, goggles, and short hair.


Gotta be honest, Hathaway is a challenge for me. She is one of those actresses that I can never see as the character; I always just see her as Anne Hathaway, even though I think she actually is kind of okay at acting?  Maybe?  So she seems pretty much like a terrible choice to me for Catwoman.  But I don’t know who would do it better so why not?

Reaction to film: ***Spoilers Abound***


So.  Convince me to see this one. If you can.



That was…that was, well actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, Batman did have to re-Batman his Batman for two hours. WHY? WHY CAN’T HE JUST BE BATMAN?

Bruce has spent the last eight years being a shut-in with a cane (why he needs the cane is unknown, because he seemed FINE at the end of the last film…I guess he was shot?) even though, and this is the fundamental part of Batman that Nolan seems to not understand, Bruce would never STOP being Batman. This is an issue that comes again and again in the film, culminating in an ending where Bruce permanently gives up Batman.


That’s just a Batcation, right? Bruce is going to get bored in about 12 seconds (five seconds after Selina realizes spending all her time with a no-longer-super-rich dude not stealing things suuuucks) and head back to Gotham and the mansion he left to the city for a Vigilante Orphan Boys Home. He’ll go down into the Batcave and let notRobin know how to sign in to the Batcomputer and then call out to Alfred, who would also HAVE NEVER LEFT BRUCE, “Alfred! Bring me another Orphan Boy!”

And all will be well with the world.

Wedging Bane in as Talia’s protector and tying it all back to the League of Shadows in Batman Begins felt a little forced, an attempt by Nolan to bring his trilogy full circle. (I see what you did there, you Lazaraus Pit hater! GHOST LIAM NEESON CAN BITE ME!)  However, I still appreciated the fact that Nolan dipped more into the comics for TDKR than in his previous Batman films. Several scenes seemed pulled straight from the comics, if not in meaning then at least in visual language.

I still found Bane to be absolutely unintelligible.  I got maybe every fifth word. It was incredibly frustrating. Nolan’s attempt to make Bane more intelligible seems to have been to just up his dialogue track by 200 percent and give us the finger. Thanks. That didn’t help at all! It just made Bane seem like he was being dubbed in and mixed by a telenovela team.

Elena…I know you are not into Batman, so I want to make it clear: ROBIN’S NAME IS NOT ROBIN. His name is also not John. I…don’t understand how this happened. Nolan is so anti-Robin that he’ll make up a dissatisfied cop character and…NAME him Robin? IT’S SO WEIRD! There are plenty of actual Robin name’s to choose from but…well, what’s wrong with naming him Richard?

If he was worried that his heavy-handed foreshadowing throughout the film was ruining the surprise, then keep the John name and change the “actual” name stupidest last line for a movie ever from “Robin” to “Richard.” What? Was he worried that people who didn’t know DICK about Batman wouldn’t get the reference?

Here’s a thing…

…How about you shouldn’t CARE! If my mom watched that movie and didn’t get why having him named “Richard” (assuming “Dick” was too old fashioned) was related to the character taking on the Batmantle, as it were…WHO CARES?! My mom isn’t watching this film. You know who is? FANS. People for whom the reference is a Google or a lean over to the person next to them away if they didn’t get it already.

ROBIN IS NOT HIS NAME. That would like me becoming “Rachel Gal” and then attempting to have a secret identity.


I think the people who are really into the Nolan Batman films are fine. I’m glad they enjoy them. I’m glad that they can watch those films and read the comics and not have issues. I’m not one of those people. I don’t think an adaptation should slavishly follow the source material, but I do think that the main identifying characteristics and personality of the most important characters should make it from page to screen.

Nolan’s Batman has always been a tool for Bruce Wayne to go from damaged child to well-adjusted adult. Batman is something that holds Bruce back, if Nolan’s Alfred is to be believed. In actuality Batman has always been more than a mask and more than a symbol. Batman IS Bruce Wayne. The play boy, the rich kid…he is the tool of Batman. Bruce is the mask. Nolan doesn’t think this, and so I’ll never like these movies as much as some of you, but I respect that Nolan has ushered in an era of comic book movies as more than comedy action flicks. They should be as topical and inspiring as the comics. Hopefully though, the next Batman reboot won’t take it QUITE so seriously. I’d like to see a Gotham that has room in it for a Batman that never gives up.


Even your fake enthusiasm was not enough to sell me on this one.  Maybe some pictures might help?