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A New Trailer Released For “What To Expect” Movie Adaptation

If you have been pregnant, are pregnant, known someone who was pregnant, or watched any movie/television show where a character is pregnant, you most likely have heard of the book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” written by Heidi Murkoff. The book chronicles, well, exactly what it says. What you need to know when expecting a child. Frankly, it was only a matter of time before they somehow managed to turn the pregnancy help book into a movie.

Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies we have a new trailer for the upcoming film.

The film follows all the things that couples face when they are confronted by the new frontier of parenting. It focuses on seven different couples as they experience and live through the thrills, terrors, surprises, aches, and pains of preparing for their new lives as parents.

The adaptation has an all-star cast that features: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Chase Crawford, Matthew Morrison and Dennis Quaid.

The book was originally published in 1984 and consistently tops The New York Times Best Seller list in the paperback advice category. It is also one of USA Today’s ”25 Most Influential Books” of the past 25 years  and has been described as “the bible of American pregnancy”. According to USA Today, 93 percent of all expectant mothers who read a pregnancy guide read What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

I can guess that 93 percent of women are going to see this film as well. Although pregnancy and birth scare me so it might be a while before I watch this film. The only saving grace of this film is that it features the always hilarious Elizabeth Banks, who I am pretty sure can do no wrong. And she brings her Avery Jessup type personality to the role (as you can see in the poster above).

The film is set for release on May 11, 2012.

You can watch the new trailer below:

10 Stars That Admit To Loving The Hunger Games

The closer the film adaptation of The Hunger Games gets to hitting theaters, the more people who admit to LOVING this series. (Myself included). Several celebrities have recently taken to Twitter to spread their love for the dystopian trilogy including Demi Lovato and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Carly Rae recently tweeted:

Completely obsessed with THE HUNGER GAMES! I found the beach… I had my book and it was a beautiful day.

Then superstar Demi also made sure her fans knew of her love for the series by tweeting this message:

Okay guys… I admit it…. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!! Aljkshkflakcjjk!!!!!! I can’t stop reading Catching Fire… I LOVE it… #hungergamesaddict Anyway.. In bed, snuggled up with Catching Fire… Perfect way to end my day! #goodnight y’all! ❤ P.S. is it weird that I wish I had Peeta to snuggle with at night like Katniss did?! Haha.. Swoon ❤ #hungergamesaddict

It is not just teen superstars either who love this amazing series.

Kristen Bell wasn’t afraid to admit that she was a fan, she recently tweeted,

“not just ‘a’ hunger games fan. THE hunger games fan. read both books twice & am silently salivating for the 3rd.” Later, she also tweeted: ”believe it baby! 2nd time i read it aloud 2 friends & did different voices for each charachter. i am the king of the nerds!”

Twilight star Robert Pattinson isn’t bitter about the new trilogy taking over the world because he loves The Games as much as we do.

“I sort of came across it last year, and I didn’t realize it was the most enormous thing in the world. It’s good! It will be a good movie.”

Elizabeth Banks plays Effie Trinket in the The Hunger Games, but her love for the series is totally genuine. She recently tweeted,

“MOCKINGJAY!!! Clearing three days of my life to devour this book. 3rd in Hunger Games trilogy. Read these!”

Avatar star Zoe Saldana talked about the film while on the red carpet before the VMAs saying,

“I am looking forward to the movies. I am a very big gary Ross fan. I know he’s going to make it rain with this movie.”

Tyra Banks may have her own novel out but she can’t help but tweet love for the sequel, Catching Fire.

“Just finished sequel to HUNGER GAMES book called CATCHING FIRE. Soooooo good!!! u should get both!”

Emily Blunt recently told MTV News about how much she loves the book and how she wishes she was young enough to play Katniss.

“I’m kind of riveted by it and terrified by it at the same time. I can’t stop reading it.”

Bill Gates is the last person you would think to be on this list, but when Scholastic asked him to share his list of novels that shaped his life, The Hunger Games showed up on his list.

Even though Emma Roberts didn’t get a part in the movie, she still admits to loving to book.

“I’m really excited to see the movie. I read all the books a couple weeks ago, and I’ve got all my friends hooked. It’s totally cool and I can’t wait to see it.”

Will all this love for the series, I have to ask, who doesn’t love this series? (or at least is excited for the movie?).

The whole world will be watching.

Elizabeth Banks Talks Hunger Games, Harry Potter & What To Expect

Courtesy of the people over at BuzzSugar, who recently sat down with star Elizabeth Banks, we have a good idea about what she thinks regarding the upcoming film The Hunger Games as well as Harry Potter and her other film What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Banks talked about how she feels about her film, The Hunger Games now that she is a parent. Banks plays the role of Effie Trinket in the upcoming film adaptation of the novel by Suzanne Collins.

She also spoke about her role in the film, What to Expect When You’re Expecting which is a film adaptation of the incredibly popular pregnancy manual. It was written by  Heidi Murkoff and is one of USA Today’s “25 Most Influential Books” of the past 25 years.

You can see the interview below:

As a parent, did you have any reservations about The Hunger Games’s dark subject matter?
EB: The movie is going to be PG-13, and I think that’s about right. My nephew’s 11, and he read it and loves it. The book has adult themes, for sure. Gary Ross, the director, and Suzanne Collins [who wrote the novels] did a great job patrolling what happens visually in the movie, what we can show and what we can’t show. But I remember taking my 6-year-old niece to a Harry Potter movie with those dark shadow things that were scary as sh*t, and the guy doesn’t even have a f*cking nose. That’s like nightmare stuff, in my opinion. This is a lot of hand-to-hand combat, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t see on a video game or an episode of “CSI.” We don’t have guns.

What was it like making the transition from The Hunger Games to What to Expect When You’re Expecting?
EB: They’re just so different, it’s literally night and day. I don’t have the same voice, I don’t have the same hair, I don’t have the same anything. Literally nothing, it’s completely and utterly opposite. The good thing about this is that it’s a role much closer to myself, so it’s easier.

What helps you get into character?
EB: Well what’s great about both of these characters, Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, and Wendy, is that there’s so much external stuff to build the character with. Effie has the great wigs and the crazy clothes, and the accent, and all that. That’s all something that really helps feed you. And this character has the boobs and the bump and the back pain, and the shoes that don’t fit, and all of those things that really feed you in the moment, which is great. It’s a lot easier than having to come up with a bunch of emotional sh*t that you have to deal with from internally. They’re nice characters that you build from the outside in, instead of from the inside out.

The Hunger Games is set to hit theaters on March 23 and What To Expect When Expecting will hit theaters May 18th.

Personally, I am super excited to see Banks in the role of Effie. From the trailers I’ve seen, she really fits the way I pictured her when I read the books. It was definitely nice hearing her opinion about her character considering we’ve heard from other members of the cast already.

And also, she is right on about Harry Potter.

Five New Character Posters for “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”

If you have been pregnant, known someone who was pregnant, or watched any movie/television show where a character is pregnant, you most likely have heard of the book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” written by Heidi Murkoff. The book chronicles, well, exactly what it says. What you need to know when expecting a child. It was only a matter of time before this bestselling book became a film and it finally has. Courtesy of iVillage, five new character posters for the characters of the movie have been revealed.  Continue reading