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Extended Spot for The Giver, Starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep


An extended trailer for the big screen adaptation of “The Giver” has been released. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Lois Lowry.

The Giver adapts the modern classic of young adult literature. The story centers on Jonas, who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Not until he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory does he begin to understand the dark, complex secrets behind his fragile community.

The Giver was directed by Phillip Noyce and stars Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift. You can watch the extended spot below:

The film hits the big screen August 15.

Meryl Streep Joins The Giver



The film adaptation of the novel, “The Giver” is moving forward as the cast list begins to fill up. You might remember the novel from your 5th grade reading class or from reading it on your own on a hot summer day when you parents couldn’t take you to the pool. Announced this week, Meryl Streep has officially joined the cast of the film joining Jeff Bridges and Brenton Thwaites. Continue reading