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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Adds Nathan Fillion


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering phase 3 and that includes Guardians of the Galaxy 2! According to reports the sequel just got a lot more bitchin’ as the cast has added science fiction veteran and hunky hero Nathan Fillion!

According to some on-set photos (not official photos mind you) it appears that Fillion is playing a character familiar to Marvel Comics fans, Simon Williams. The character is a long running character in the comic books and is an actor who has energy-based powers that give him super-strength, flight, and superhuman endurance.

In the photos we see a scene revolving what appears to be a “Simon Williams Film Festival” which takes place on Earth rather than out in the galaxy somewhere. It is also important to note that Williams once appeared as an Avenger in the comics, operating under the code name Wonder Man, so it may be possible that something could come up about it at some point. We won’t know for a while unfortunately.

Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” Releases Official Trailer


Could we love Joss Whedon anymore? No, I don’t think so. Whedon, who most recently is known for his work on Marvel’s The Avengers, has released the official trailer for his independent film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. The film, based on the classic comedy by William Shakespeare was both adapted and directed by Whedon and starred many of his actor friends from past projects.

The project was filmed in just 12 days entirely on location in exotic Santa Monica. The cast included actors who are already well know, some who are veteran Shakespeare performers and some that are completely brand new. It was shot in black and white by Jay Hunter. The cast features Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof as Beatrice and Benedick, the world’s least likely lovers headed for their inevitable tumble into love .The supporting cast includes Nathan Fillion as Dogberry, Clark Gregg as Leonato, Fran Kranz as Claudio and Reed Diamond as Don Pedro.

Kranz said regarding the secret project,

He shot that while he was on vacation,” says Kranz. “I remember he said he was going to go to Italy with his wife and kids, then all of a sudden he started to shoot a movie, which is crazy… He does a lot of readings at his house, he’s a great host. He always has people over, but he likes to have something to do, something specific. Sometimes he’ll read plays. One night we all read ‘A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’. He called me one day and said he was thinking about doing ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, but filming it this time. That struck me as doing something handheld, with a Flipcam or something. Not something big with grip trucks, all of this equipment and stuff. But that’s what it turned into.”

Kranz also went on to explain how Whedon wanted the project to be different and natural between all the performers.

He turned his home into a movie set,” Kranz continues. “He had extras and all of that. We had no idea. But I think that’s what he wanted. He wanted us to go into it with a casual feel and to do Shakespeare like you’re not used to seeing. He didn’t want big production value or it to be over-rehearsed. I think he wanted it to be natural. It might be a bizarre benefit to it that we didn’t master the language. The other actors all came from different places so it was an eclectic group. It’s Shakespeare, the language is rich and dense… I think it could be this wonderful blessing that it feels intimate, alive and casual and fun. I hope that bleeds off the screen and will be refreshing for audiences. I haven’t seen it yet, but I trust Joss always and I think it’s going to be awesome.”

As Whedon says,

“The text is to me a deconstruction of the idea of love, which is ironic, since the entire production is a love letter – to the text, to the cast, even to the house it’s shot in.”

The film opens in North America on June 7 and in the UK and Ireland on June 14. You can see the trailer below:

Anthony Head Joins Nathan Fillion in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

A casting changeup has been made to Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.  It was originally believed that the movie would feature a complete returning cast; at least those alive still.  The movie sequel to the 2010 book adaptation of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief has added Anthony Head to its cast.  The former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star has been cast in the role of Chiron, originally played by Pierce Brosnan, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Chiron, who’s mortal alias is Mr. Brunner, is the teacher of Peseus “Percy” Jackon, who gives Percy a powerful weapon.  While in the form of Mr. Brunner, he is confined to a motorized wheelchair, with his legs covered in a blanket.   Chiron’s true form however is that of the centaur; the wheelchair magically concealing his horse bits.  Touted as the Wisest of all Centaurs, Chiron is often the tutor to many heroes, such as Heracles, Achilles, and Jason of the Argonauts.

This may prove to be annoying to fans when a significant character is recast, but not as annoying as the first movie’s storyline.  While the movie wasn’t bad from the perspective of the uninitiated, those that read the book were not impressed.

Characters such as Annabeth not being blonde gave fans of the book a facial tic.  While this seems trivial to those not familiar with the story, staying true to the content is often a course of discontent.  According to the book, the character was based on being the antithesis of blonde stereotypes.

Then there’s what appears to be Luke dying; or just ending up in the water.  Though it wouldn’t be hard to bring him back, there would have to be a lot of ret-con flashbacks which shows Kronos influencing his actions.

The movie adaptation also took liberties with the storylines within the separate books.  Percy for example wasn’t suppose to receive his shield until much later on.  Mixing and matching of storylines and plot devices may have been to condense the movie.  I didn’t think Hollywood would make a sequel, they might have thought so too, as it felt more of an all or nothing effort by the screen writers.

Based on the Rick Riordan’s Camp Half-Blood book series, the sequel finds Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman), the son of Poseidon, continuing his epic journey to fulfill his destiny, as he teams with his demigod friends (played by Alexandra Daddario and Douglas Smith) to retrieve the Golden Fleece, which has the power to save their home and training ground, Camp Half-Blood.

Wait, three magical children go off on an action filled adventure to save the place where they learn.  The first book was about a kid and a thunderbolt.  Hmmm.  I’ve seen this somewhere.  Lightning thief indeed.

Anthony Stewart Head in any role is great.  I just hope this turns into a career revival rather than a sinkhole for him.  I’ve seen his appearances in BBC shows such as Dr. Who and the Inbetweeners, but what I liked him the best in was his show The Invisibles.  The show which is a comedy-drama was about a couple of urban legend criminals come out of retirement.  In the first episode, Head is trying to muster back his skill and confidence as the world’s best safecracker.  Looking into the cameras, he utters, “I am William Shakespeare, Bobby Moore, and The Beatles, and once, blood ran through my veins!”  Said with such conviction, it really resonated in me how much will the character was pouring into his work.

Head who recently appeared on the big screen in The Iron Lady, will be joined in the Percy Jackson sequel by Mary Birdsong, Yvette Nicole Brown and Missi Pyle.  The former Watcher will also be joined by another star from the Whedonverse, Nathan Fillion, who will play the role of Hermes; whom I’m assuming is fast of mouth as he is of feet.  While I’m not a fan of the movie or the books, I really want the movie to do well just for Anthony Head and Nathan Fillion.  The Thor Freudenthal film is set for release on March 27, 2013.

Final Countdown to Justice League Doom!


The latest of DC’s projects gets released this February 28th on DVD and Blu-Ray and it’s the 13th animated movie of the Justice League series is ominously titled Justice League Doom, from writer Dwayne McDuffie.

So what’s so awesome about this? Aside from premieres in Beverly Hills and a little bit of coverage, this almost feels like a straight to video deal. Meanwhile Marvel has The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers coming out soon, while Nicholas Cage is currently doing his crazy hair thing as Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, right now in theaters. What’s there to celebrate with an animation that’s not in 3D or worth an overpriced ticket to see?

What fans of the superhero genre have learned is that Marvel might turn out a great live action feature film but Detective Comics crafts an awesome animation combined with memorable stories; with recent Batman movies as the exception of course.  How many times do I need to be surprised by a radioactive spider before I realize it’s just not enough.

Justice League Doom is based on the comic book series JLA: Tower of Babel storyline by Mark Waid. Waid has been a long time writer in the comic book industry, having notable work with titles such as the Flash, Captain America, Kingdom Come; almost the epic era of comics. Waid is also the creator of two titles, Irredeemable and Incorruptible, which tell a story not unlike a What if… or Elseworld series. If they were to describe Irredeemable as anything, it’d be, “What if Superman went evil?” Not in the Superman Rex storyline where he attempts to control earth, but kill and destroy anything that annoys him evil and laugh about it. That is the kind of storytelling that Mark Waid has brought to the table.

That’s right, Justice League Doom is not a rehash of an origin story, but a… adaptation of an epic story that’s only been done once; so far. To point out how this is different from the movie reboots happening right now, let say this: Statistically in the world, Thomas and Margret Wayne must die every twenty minutes in a retelling of Batman.

JLA: Tower of Babel runs a dark storyline about how each member of the Justice League of America is picked off one by one. Not by throwing their evil counterparts of the day at them, but incapacitated with calculated hits that maximize their weaknesses, physically and psychologically. Ra’s al Ghul, a near immortal villain of the Batman franchise is the one that makes these things happen, but it’s the Batman who’s to blame.

So who gets hit?  The JLA at the time consisted of Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern; Kyle Rayner; and wait for it… Plastic Man.

The comic book version of Batman is nearly infallible. If he gets hit, it gets corrected quickly, otherwise he’s a paragon of all that is awesome that’s prepared for everything. The comic book version also paints a picture of a psychopath who’s a mixture of indomitable will, paranoia, and control issues. What does this mean? It means that Batman has studied every superhero that’s a potential threat, and has created contingency plans on how to put them down if he ever needs to. Given enough time, resources and preparation, Batman has laid the smack down on Gods. So what happens when a villain steals all of these plans?

So this storyline has been re-imagined and adapted by writer Dwayne McDuffie. The Justice League roster will change; no doubt to be in line with DC’s The New 52 reboot atrocity; so will the villains and so will the methods of how the heroes are put down. The original story was darker and inferred a lot more pain and death, but I won’t hold it against DC. Especially in light that Nathan Fillion; Firefly, Castle, Slither; will be voicing the part of Green Lantern again!