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Warner Bros. Announces Release Dates For Wonder Woman and Justice League


The DC Extended Universe (trying to be the MCU) has announced the premiere dates for two of their more highly anticipated films. Warner Bros. announced release dates for both Wonder Woman and Justice League: Part 1—Jun. 23 and Nov. 17 of next year, respectively.

The announcement came during DC’s television special on the CW. We saw the first look for Gal Gadot’s protrayal of Wonder Woman. The character will appear in Batman v Superman as well, but we’ll get to see her origin story next summer in the Patty Jenkins-directed film.

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder returns to direct Justice League, where we’ll see how the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel work together after they inevitably resolve (most of) their differences in their feature this year.


Warner Bros. Reveals Huge DC Movie Plans Including Justice League


Last week Warner Bros. revealed some very exciting news in the comic book movie adaptation realm. The studio announced their major plans for future films based on DC Comics’ series and heroes.

According to several tweets from Ben Fritz, which you can see below, there is a full schedule prepared for various comic book adaptations for Warner Bros. The schedule begins with the release of Suicide Squad in 2016 after the current upcoming film Batman Vs. Superman. 

In 2017 we will supposedly get our first superhero movie focusing on a female lead with a Wonder Woman film. I’ll believe it when I see it though. In 2018 we get an Aquaman film which is exciting followed by a Shazam project.

You can see the tentative schedule below which is planned as far ahead as 2020.

  • Aug. 2016: Suicide Squad
  • June 2017: Wonder Woman
  • Nov 2017: Justice League
  • March 2018: The Flash
  • July 2018: Aquaman
  • April 2019: Shazam
  • June 2019: Justice League 2
  • April 2020: Untitled DC Film
  • June 2020: Untitled DC Film

The Unofficial Timeline for DC’s Justice League Teases Seven Films


The decade(s) of comic book films is not even close to over as Marvel has been monopolizing the box office lately with their cinematic universe. But it looks like DC is getting back in the mix with a new “Justice League” movie.

According to Deadline, DC has plans for seven films including the “Justice League” film and the long-awaited “Wonder Woman” project. Although the official lineup is supposed to be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, this is what is rumored at the moment.

  • May 2016 – Batman v Superman
  • July 2016 – Shazam
  • Xmas 2016 – Sandman
  • May 2017 – Justice League
  • July 2017 – Wonder Woman
  • Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up
  • May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

“Like Marvel’s The Avengers, there will be cameos of superheroes for future installments,” Deadline’s Nikki Finke said. “The cameos will include the already known Cyborg and Flash. Green Lantern [NOT Ryan Reynolds, thank heavens] may be introduced. And Aquaman will be seen in the Justice League movie. Problem is, Warner Bros Pictures was still negotiating with the actors for those cameos and future roles, meaning major contracts for multiple JL/character films to follow. The studio didn’t want to move forward until they had more of this secure so they held off starting production for a few months. Seemingly simple reason, but the implications are pretty darn huge.”

Justice League

‘Justice League’ Aims for Summer 2015

Justice League

Superheroes are in today’s headline. For a second, I thought Warner Bros. was releasing a new animated comic book movie. Don’t get me wrong, even when they are released direct to video, many of those animated stories are pretty fantastic. But today’s news revolves around the Justice League and a live-action blockbuster, my friends. That’s something to get truly exited about. You can even drool a little. I won’t tell.

Marvel fans reveled in The Avengers film from director Joss Whedon. Now DC Comics fans may get their turn to party. You may be asking, “Hey, what took so long?” Well, apparently, the courts are to blame. Warner Bros. has been in a long tussle over winning the rights to the Superman property.

Now, which the nastiness behind them, let’s hope, for good, the studio wants to take a page out of The Flash’s book and hurry things along! They are now pushing the development of a Justice League movie. The film would star Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other characters. Can I play Zatanna in the sequel? Please, oh please, oh please?

The studio has targeted 2014 for filming, with a projected release date in the Summer of 2015. Since they already has a script in development, the next order of business is to pin down a director and start casting roles.

If Warner Bros. had lost the case they brought against the family of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, all Justice League or any other movies, television shows or comics featuring elements the Superman mythos would have been off-limits after 2013, unless new deals were made. Yikes!

The climate was further negative with the Green Lantern film being largely lackluster. When it comes to Warner Bros. and DC Comics, only Christopher Nolan’s amazing Batman movie trilogy has been successful thus far. Their strategy for sequels is also sounding risky. You see, for Marvel movies, solo titles hit the big screen first and developed fan based prior to bringing everyone together on The Avengers set.

Warner Bros. plans to do the opposite. They’ll unveil Justice League, then release solo titles. Do you foresee success? I think the key to wining the box office will be a few very well-known actors and one dynamite screenwriter. It is very difficult penning a script with vying personalities getting along, arguing, fighting bad guys together, and shining in turn. Don’t put a rookie on the case. And whereas Henry Cavill is relatively low on the fame radar, but should still make a stellar Man of Steel in his June 14th, 2013 debut as Sup, I think an expensive star or two definitely needs to be on the League roster to draw crowds. Hey, it takes money to make money. Oh, and will Cavill play Superman in JL?

No, I’m not saying I didn’t like Immortals, starring Mr. Cavill. Saw it twice in theaters, thank you very much.

Here’s another important question. What time period are our heroes going to be living in? Wasn’t there something more stylist about the X-Men: First Class than the previous, modern-day X-Men films? Actually, a case could be made for either era. If we set the Justice League in our current time period, a lot of costumes need updating.

I know one DC hero who isn’t down and out. The Green Arrow is enjoying success in the CW’s hottest show in three years, Arrow.

Christopher Nolan Says No To The Justice League Film

Christopher Nolan, finally finished with his Batman trilogy, has answered rumors speculating that he has plans to make a Justice League film featuring the Dark Knight, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. The rumors began after the filmmaker’s involvement as a producer on next summer’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, but Nolan has assured us that he is in fact, NOT working on the rumored Justice League film.

“No, none at all,” Nolan said in an interview over the weekend. “We’re finished with all we’re doing with Batman. This is the end of our take on this character.”

Nolan also added that he has no plans for involvement with any solo Batman films when distributor Warner Bros., owner of DC Comics, decides to launch a new take on the classic character.

“Batman will outlive us all, and our interpretation was ours,” Nolan said. “Obviously, we consider it definitive and kind of finished. The great thing about Batman is he lives on for future generations to reinterpret, and obviously, Warners will have to decide in the future what they’re going to do with him. We’ve had our say on the character.”

Nolan reiterated that he will have “…certainly, no involvement with any Justice League project.”

After Disney’s Marvel’s The Avengers, the big-screen adaptations of Marvel Comics superheroes has pulled in $1.45 billion worldwide, and viewers are speculating that Warner Bros. might create its own ensemble film and where better to start than with the much loved Justice League series?

Nolan’s 2005 trilogy-opener Batman Begins broke box office records, and its 2008 sequel The Dark Knight won an Academy Award for Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker.Fans across the world are eagerly awaiting the finale feature to hit theaters this summer on July 20th that will see the addition of Cat Woman and Bane as major antagonists in the film.

Check out the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises below:

Final Countdown to Justice League Doom!


The latest of DC’s projects gets released this February 28th on DVD and Blu-Ray and it’s the 13th animated movie of the Justice League series is ominously titled Justice League Doom, from writer Dwayne McDuffie.

So what’s so awesome about this? Aside from premieres in Beverly Hills and a little bit of coverage, this almost feels like a straight to video deal. Meanwhile Marvel has The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers coming out soon, while Nicholas Cage is currently doing his crazy hair thing as Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, right now in theaters. What’s there to celebrate with an animation that’s not in 3D or worth an overpriced ticket to see?

What fans of the superhero genre have learned is that Marvel might turn out a great live action feature film but Detective Comics crafts an awesome animation combined with memorable stories; with recent Batman movies as the exception of course.  How many times do I need to be surprised by a radioactive spider before I realize it’s just not enough.

Justice League Doom is based on the comic book series JLA: Tower of Babel storyline by Mark Waid. Waid has been a long time writer in the comic book industry, having notable work with titles such as the Flash, Captain America, Kingdom Come; almost the epic era of comics. Waid is also the creator of two titles, Irredeemable and Incorruptible, which tell a story not unlike a What if… or Elseworld series. If they were to describe Irredeemable as anything, it’d be, “What if Superman went evil?” Not in the Superman Rex storyline where he attempts to control earth, but kill and destroy anything that annoys him evil and laugh about it. That is the kind of storytelling that Mark Waid has brought to the table.

That’s right, Justice League Doom is not a rehash of an origin story, but a… adaptation of an epic story that’s only been done once; so far. To point out how this is different from the movie reboots happening right now, let say this: Statistically in the world, Thomas and Margret Wayne must die every twenty minutes in a retelling of Batman.

JLA: Tower of Babel runs a dark storyline about how each member of the Justice League of America is picked off one by one. Not by throwing their evil counterparts of the day at them, but incapacitated with calculated hits that maximize their weaknesses, physically and psychologically. Ra’s al Ghul, a near immortal villain of the Batman franchise is the one that makes these things happen, but it’s the Batman who’s to blame.

So who gets hit?  The JLA at the time consisted of Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern; Kyle Rayner; and wait for it… Plastic Man.

The comic book version of Batman is nearly infallible. If he gets hit, it gets corrected quickly, otherwise he’s a paragon of all that is awesome that’s prepared for everything. The comic book version also paints a picture of a psychopath who’s a mixture of indomitable will, paranoia, and control issues. What does this mean? It means that Batman has studied every superhero that’s a potential threat, and has created contingency plans on how to put them down if he ever needs to. Given enough time, resources and preparation, Batman has laid the smack down on Gods. So what happens when a villain steals all of these plans?

So this storyline has been re-imagined and adapted by writer Dwayne McDuffie. The Justice League roster will change; no doubt to be in line with DC’s The New 52 reboot atrocity; so will the villains and so will the methods of how the heroes are put down. The original story was darker and inferred a lot more pain and death, but I won’t hold it against DC. Especially in light that Nathan Fillion; Firefly, Castle, Slither; will be voicing the part of Green Lantern again!