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The Amazing Spider-Man Has a New HD Game Trailer

A new HD trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man video game has been released. The tie-in to the upcoming movie already had a trailer back in December, but this one contains new footage. Not unlike a new Malibu Stacey doll; except she has a new hat; this has caught the attention of fans and haters alike.

The game which takes place after the events of the movie seems to be based on robotic insects created by Oscorp. This is a rehash of the Spider-Slayers, robots that were commissioned to seek out and exterminate Spider-Man; as long as they didn’t actually do it in the printed pages as per the comic code authority. J. Jonah Jameson was that rich that he could have scientists whip him up that kind of technology on the fly, but he couldn’t pay for Peter Parkers photos full price. The first appearance of cheesy bipedal spider-slayers occurred in Amazing Spider-Man issue 25. The story has long since been upgraded and re-imagined to be slightly more realistic. Now more of a high tech mass produced robot workforce gone awry than steam punk accident. As ill conceived as the original idea appeared to be, the storyline of spider-slayers has been reused continuously. So far they’ve appeared as plots in games for SNES, Sega and Game Boy, Spider-Man cartoons, and alternate Marvel comic universes. Nick Fury even had spider-slayers built as contingencies in case Spider-Man ever went rogue.

It’s unclear if the new trailer is called the “Rhino” trailer as a code name, or someone had confused a mammoth screaming spider robot as the Rhino. Some video game related websites such as Gamestop have clearly labeled it as such. While some websites have gone so far as to say, “webslinging his way across New York to take on Rhino.”

This is where I descend slightly into madness.

Is the giant spider like robot in the end of the trailer called Rhino? If so, then someone in the writing department must have not read any Spider-Man comics or watched any of the cartoons. The Rhino is a Spider-Man villain who’s a muscle bound guy in a Rhino outfit; sometimes enhanced by tech, drugs or breeding. How can this be though? The narrative was crafted by Hollywood writer Seamus Kevin Fahey. The only reason I know that he’s got the writing chops is because he did episodes of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena; no I don’t watch “Battlestar Galactica”, so no points there.

Next, why does the robot spider scream at the end? Yes, it sounds like a Godzilla era monster ready to rumble which is awesome for game play tone, but it’s still a robot spider. I know I’m suppose to suspend my belief as Spider-Man swings on a thread in his new official Spider-Man shoes, but unless the robot is using echo location; or it’s a oversized prototype of a sonic screwdriver; there’s no reason for it to scream.

So it leaves me with two realistic options. Either the trailer is coded named Rhino to throw people off the sent or inspire this exact type of chatter. Or someone plain didn’t understand what was happening and is making the game out to be Spider-Man versus the Rhino.

Also the shoes that Spider-Man wears in the movies, which are probably designed to work with his spider powers of sticking to things, seem to be really focused on. Trailers, viral treasure hunts, video games, they all want you to see the shoes. Is there a line of official Spider-Man novelty shoes coming out?

The HD trailer is almost the same as the VGA quality trailer that came out before it. It contains hower 8 seconds of new footage of Spider-Man going down a zip cord and 20 new seconds of credits. The game which is in development by game studio Beenox features free-roaming web-slinging across the city of Manhattan which looks more crisp than other Spider-Man video games I’ve seen; trailer wise that is. Too bad this qualifies as a superhero based video game, so it’s going to be compared to Batman: Arkham Asylum. No contest. Nothing beats Batman. Not even future Batman; yes, it’s cannon.

Check out the new HD trailer below; now with a new hat!