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‘Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman Pens Prequel Novel ‘The Road to Woodbury’

The Governor is coming. All indications say the character debuting on The Walking Dead, Season Three on AMC, will be just as formidable as the Walkers are. That exciting season kicks of October 14th, but you can also find more about The Governor in print. And I’m not just talking comic book pages.

The Governor, to be acted by David Morrissey on the popular series, rules Woodbury with an iron fist so to speak. But all good villains have an origin story. Ready to learn his?

Well, get ready, because The Walking Dead comic writer and television series executive producer, Mr. Robert Kirkman, has been illuminating the past of The Governor and his rise to dictatorship with some help from coauthor Jay Bonansinga. The end result are a series of books on the subject.

Last year The Rise of the Governor debuted in print and now the sequel (to the prequel), titled, The Road to Woodbury, becomes available on in Oct. 16th, where ever books are sold. And the Governor isn’t the only topic in the story. Biographical material is present on several other Walking Dead comic book characters.

Entertainment Weekly asked Kirkman some questions about all things zombie. The first of which was about what collaboration between himself and Jay Bonansinga has been like.

The easiest way to say it is that I write a skeleton and then he comes in and turns it into a human being. I write a document that’s basically, ‘Here’s the characters, here’s the journey, here are these events that happen to them.’ …he comes in and miraculously spins it into prose and adds all of the vocabulary that I don’t understand and turns it into a well-rounded novel.”

Next, the creative mind was asked about having sympathy for The Governor, to which Kirkman explained that human beings do tend to empathize with what his apocalyptic survivors are going through.

He says, “For the most part, the majority of the decisions [The Governor’s] making, and the actions he’s taking are the kind of things that you would have to do to be a leader in this world. That’s a little terrifying and it’s supposed to be a little uncomfortable but, you know, there’s definitely a lot of grey areas going on in this guy’s life.”

Kirkman also revealed that he plans to pen at least one more novel in this series.

The second novel progresses the Governor’s timeline a lot more and is getting you closer and closer to the events that occurred in the comic book series. And so some of the events in the comic book series are actually going to appear in the third novel. The third novel is going to be a whole new story but you’re actually going to get to see Rick Grimes and Michonne and some of the other characters, which you haven’t seen in the novel series thus far. So I’m pretty excited about the third novel. But I’m not as excited about that as I am the second novel, which everyone should rush out and buy!”

Lastly, and most comically, Entertainment Weekly asked Kirkman to comment on the gruesome killing of a major character in this summer’s 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic book. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here, but can you imagine how the actor in the AMC network series reacted when he learned of this?

It was very awkward for me. It’s very difficult for me to say this without spoiling who it is but this is the first time I killed a comic character and had to encounter the actor after doing it. So it was a little awkward. I just kind of walked up to him and was like, ‘So, um… Sorry?'”

Hey, that’s the way the zombiepocalypse crumbles.