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Taking A Look Inside The Walking Dead Set: Woodbury



There are a few things we already know about the upcoming season 3 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” We have already seen David Morrissey as the Governor of Woodbury, but we haven’t seen much of the actual set of the new season. Thankfully, a new behind-the-scenes set video along with some photos has been released to give fans an inside look at the set of Woodbury, and also the return of an old friend.

Spoilers are ahead!

In the set photos, we definitely get a good feel of how much of the season will look, at least visually. We also see what looks like the return of a character.

Michael Rooker appears in one of the photos as Merle Dixon, brother to a fan favorite zombie survivor Daryl. We hadn’t seen Merle in a while, except when he was inhabiting Daryl’s dreams. In fact, the last time we saw the real person Merle, he was handcuffed to a pipe on a roof with a zombie horde about to have dinner. While we do not know what context this character is returning in, it is safe to say that he is probably pretty pissed at Rick.


The behind-the-scenes video was filmed in Senoia, Georgia which provides the general scenery and set for season 3. You can watch the video below:

Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, Producer Talks Season 3

AMC began production on season three of “The Walking Dead” Monday, and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman did an on-set interview with AMCtv.com to discuss his thoughts and expectations for the upcoming 16 episodes.

According to Kirkman, Season three will see several changes, some of which were teased in season two’s finale such as that the group will at last depart from Herschel’s farm after it is overrun by walkers and that they will arrive at a seemingly abandoned prison, where a numerous plot twists unfold.

When it comes to the prison, Kirkman said he is very excited for fans to see the prison set.

They’ve taken a lot of what you see in the comic book series and brought it to life in ways that I didn’t think possible,” he said. “This is going to be one of the most impressive looking things that’s ever been put together for a show.”

Season 3 will also see the addition of new characters such as the sinister Governor (David Morrissey), whose actions suggest humans may pose more of a threat than the undead.

The plan was always to evolve naturally into a place where the zombies essentially become a manageable threat,” Kirkman said. “You know the rules. You know how to deal with them. To a certain extent they become something to not really be scared of unless you mess up. Humans, however, do not follow any rules and will always do something that surprises you and are capable of doing things far worse than trying to eat you…We’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of horrible things.”

Along with the Governor, fan-favorite zombie slicer Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, will also be joining the cast.

Kirkman explained he was impressed with the sword skills she is picking up in training.

She’s going to be doing all of the hard character stuff and drama that The Walking Dead is known for, but she has tremendous physical capability and the sword training that I’ve seen is absolutely amazing,” he said. “I can’t wait to see her hack up some zombies.”

Season 3 will have 16 episodes, making it the show’s longest season yet. With the extra time, Kirkman said he looks forward to packing in as much character development and action as possible.

The actors and the crew and a lot of the producers would not be thrilled to hear me saying this, but I love doing 16 episodes a year,” he said. “I think the more the better, and I think it’s a lot of fun. We are going to get to tell bigger stories, and tell more stories, and get into the characters a lot more. So the more the merrier.”

AMC wisely had renewed “The Walking Dead” for it’s third season on October 25th, 2011 after the season 2 premiere broke cable ratings records. Actual filming for season 3 is scheduled to begin shooting in another area, Senoia, on May 31, 2012.

The Walking Dead Governor: David Morrissey

With AMC’s hit television show “The Walking Dead”, the development for season three is well underway. As the mid-season premiere for season two broke cable records as most watched show, it’d be a shame not to capitalize on the momentum. I’m more surprised a season four hasn’t been guaranteed yet; then I remember how “Heroes” turned to dung in the second season before my very eyes. I could have written a better storyline on a napkin while drunk.

So for fans of the comic who’ve been reading ahead in the series, we already have a general idea of what to expect; we’re just really hoping that certain storylines are followed over others. So it turns out we’re not going to be seeing the Governor until season three. That’s okay, they still have to find the prison first. What is awesome though for those hardcore into geek lore is who will play the Governor.

The part will be played by British actor, David Morrissey according to Deadline. Hmmm… British actor you say? If he’s worth his salt in anything, he’d have been in some kind of awesome British television show, right? His IMDB photo didn’t spark any recognition in my old brain matter, but it might be because he wasn’t wearing the costume. In the right set of clothes, Morrissey turns into the Next Doctor!

Hit with a Cyberman InfoStamp; patent pending; Jackson Lake in his fugue state is imprinted with all the factual events and collected observations of the Cyberman enemy known as the Doctor, simply the Doctor. The one, the only and the best!

That right there is all I need to know to be happy with the selection for the Governor. Mostly because I’m a biased because he was in the Doctor Who Christmas Special back in 2008.

Originally the speculation on who would be the Governor was John Hawkes, based on the words of Tom Savini; who really wanted the role. Sorry Sex Machine. You can read about it here in the article The Rise of the Walking Dead Governor.

As Hawkes has the acting chops and Savini had the looks for the part; when compared to the comic book version of the Governor; I’m surprised a third person wasn’t considered who could satisfy both acting and looks. Maybe even some slicing actions for cutting off the hands of the enemy? That’s right, I mean Danny Trejo, the Machete! Oh well.

Savini didn't make the cut.

The Governor who appears in The Walking Dead graphic novel series, written and created by Robert Kirkman, is a twisted man who rules over a fortified township in a zombie plagued world. Not only is the character created as a returning antagonist, rapist and sadist, but has his own novel also penned by Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga as well in, “The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor.” The Governor will meet up with Rick Grimes and the rest of the Walking Dead in season three. If the television show remains true to the comic books, it won’t be pretty.

Either way, I’m happy to see David Morrissey get the part. Even if he has to play the despicable Gov.  Allons-y!