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Kristen Stewart To Lie Down In Darkness

Like she recently did with Rupert Sanders, BA-ZING!

Ok, I’m going to put my K-stew serious face on. It was recently announced that Stewart is set to play the lead role in the upcoming adaptation, Lie Down In Darkness. The film is based on the novel of the same name written by William Styron that was first published in 1952.

“Lie Down In Darkness” was Styron’s first novel and has received wide critical acclaim.

The official description of the novel is as follows:

“Lie Down in Darkness” centers on the Loftis family — Milton and Helen and their daughters, Peyton and Maudie. The story, told through a series of flashbacks on the day of Peyton’s funeral, is a powerful depiction of a family doomed by its failure to forget and its inability to love.

Scott Cooper is attached to direct the project. Stewart will play Peyton, however, there is no official start date yet.

There is also no word on any other talent attached to the project or an anticipated release date.