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“World War Z” Sequel Hires Writer


The upcoming World War Z sequel has found its writer in Steven Knight. The film seems to be moving forward pretty quickly as it already has a direct in Juan Antonio Bayona. The film series is based on the novel by Max Brooks.

Knight is most known for his work on Eastern Promises and Locke.

Last Summer World War Z ended up grossing $202 million domestically and $540 million worldwide. It starred Brad Pitt who also served as producer via his company Plan B. 

The plot (almost completely different from the book it is “based” on) followed Pitt as a United Nations employee who travels the world as he tries to stop a zombie plague, all the while trying to communicate with his family.

Details about the sequel have not been announced and are reportedly being kept under wraps. It will be produced by Pitt’s Plan B. Let’s hope the sequel focuses more on some the stories Brooks wrote in the novel and less about Pitt running around in third world countries and forgetting to turn off his cell phone ringer when in tense zombie situations.

Paramount Hires Director for “World War Z” Sequel


Paramount Pictures and Skydance Pictures are moving forward with the sequel to “World War Z” and have recently hired Juan Antonio Bayona to direct the feature. Brad Pitt is expected to return to star and produce with David Ellison also producing for Skydance.

In the original, Pitt played a former United Nations employee who travels the world trying to stop a zombie plague. The film is very loosely based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks.

“World War Z” made $540 million at the worldwide box office despite the film’s production overshadowed in controversy and backwards movement that included a rewrite of the third act. As of October 18, 2013, World War Z has a 67% approval rating on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 6.2/10 based on an aggregation of 241 reviews. The site summary states “It’s uneven and diverges from the source book, but World War Z still brings smart, fast-moving thrills and a solid performance from Brad Pitt to the zombie genre.” Metacritic, which uses a weighted mean, assigned a score of 63 out of 100, based on reviews from 46 film critics.

At the moment there are no writers are attached to the project. It is also not known what the exact plot of the sequel will follow.

Brad Pitt Talks World War Z Sequel


Actor Brad Pitt recently spoke with Variety at the Toronto International Film Festival about the possibility of a sequel to his zombie film, World War Z. Pitt had previously hinted at the idea of the film turning into a trilogy if it performed well in the box office. So far it has made over $500 million despite the problems that plagued and delayed the film for years. Continue reading