4 Reasons Why Michael C. Hall Is Casting Perfection

By on November 25, 2011

If you’ve never read the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay, than you probably only know the world of the Michael C. Hall on the Showtime show, Dexter. But the series is actually based on the book. I will admit that, having read the series and seen the show, that I like the show more (but that’s a different article for a different time.)

Hall does a wonderfully fantastic job as Dexter. He is dark, he is foreboding, he is sexy and he is intimidating. He took a character in a book and turned it into the real thing. A real world that we get to watch every week.

So behold: the top 4 reasons why I love Michael C. Hall as Dexter.


When I first read Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the first book in the Dexter series, I pictured the titular character, with cold, dark eyes that could stare into your soul. And what did the show deliver? PERFECTION. The eyes are Michael C. Hall can do no wrong.  They deliver the sinister yet mysterious personality that IS the character. Everyone knows that you can see a lot through the eyes and the casting director hit the jackpot with Michael C. Hall.

I also pictured the character of Dexter with the face of stoic apathy toward the world. Michael also delivers this image perfectly. He hardly smiles which is super important. He hardly shows affection toward other characters, but instead retains his indifferent attitude towards those around him.

Basically appearance wise, Michael C. Hall is incredible. Not to mention he is enigmatically attractive.


I have seen Michael C. Hall play a homosexual funeral direc­­­­­­tor for like five years, and I thought, “Man, I can never see him play any other character other than David Fischer,” then came Dexter. When I watch the two shows separately, each time I can only see him as that character. When he’s on Dexter, he IS Dexter. And when I watch Six Feet Under, he IS David Fischer. It is acting like that, that makes it so he can play any character, even a serial killer (and I would imagine killing people everyday for a living would be generally hard to do).

I think he could play any character he wants because he has the ability to transform himself and become the person he is portraying. He is extremely talented and with it he can play someone as sinister and uniquely caring has Dexter Morgan.

Image from EW.com


Is it just me, but do most serial killers have a very distinct type of voice? When you picture a killer don’t you picture him sounding just like Ted Levine as Rusty Nail in Joy Ride… When I read the Dexter series, that’s the voice I heard in my head. And I would have to say, without actually casting Ted Levine; the show did a great job of picking an actor with a voice to match the character.

The Dexter Morgan from the book series, in my mind, has a deep gravely (and very sexy) voice that just LEAKS darkness and secrecy. And the voice of Michael C. Hall definitely does that. When he talks, you just feel that he is hiding something, that he is dark and lonely, and not like everyone else. He IS Dexter. He is a forensic analyst by day and a smart, clever, and devious serial killer by night.

If I heard his voice on the phone, I would be thoroughly creeped out, even more so if I heard his voice in a dark room by myself. That voice could send shivers to people (especially those who know they have done something most certainly wrong).


Nothing kills my love for a fictional character than overexposure of the actor who portrays that character. I hate seeing the actor on the cover of every magazine, in the news constantly and on the top of everyone’s twitter newsfeed. It takes the reality away from the character and they no longer are believable… they are just some character in some show.

This is something I love about Michael C. Hall. He is an incredibly private actor. His personal business is rarely shoved into the face of America. When he married Jennifer Carpenter, very few people even knew until it had already happened, and when they filed for divorce, no one even knew they were separated for months. And because of this privacy, his character of Dexter is still able to retain its depth because we hardly see Michael outside of the character.

So, I have outlined why I love Michael C. Hall. He is just a great actor, he is motivated, and he is professional. I absolutely love the show Dexter and I also really loved Six Feet Under (I just wish he had more screen time in that show!). So if you havent had a chance to check out the show, do it! You won’t regret it (Note: this show, however great, is not for the squeemish, there IS blood and there IS guts(

Did I mention he is a total dreamboat?

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