AMC Theaters Unleashes an Ultimate Marvel Marathon

AMC Theaters has announced today that they will be holding an all-day Ultimate Marvel Marathon on May 3 in select cities. The event that will start at 11:30 AM, will show five previous movies from Marvel Studios, beginning with Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, in that order. Mind you that these movies are the ones that Marvel acknowledges as being tied into The Avengers movie. This will culminate towards a midnight showing of The Avengers.

You can watch all six movies as a special movie package for the one time price of $40, that you can purchase now from select AMC theaters.

Boston Common 19 Boston, MA

Burbank 16 Burbank, CA

Downtown Disney 12 Anaheim, CA

Aventura 24 Aventura, FL

Empire 25 New York, NY

Garden State 16 Paramus, NJ

Downtown Disney 24 Lake Buena Vista, FL

Metreon 16 San Francisco, CA

Alderwood 16 Lynnwood, WA

Tysons Corner 16 McLean, VA

Depending on how ticket sales go, I’m sure there will be more theaters announced; AMC says on March 16th; and more tickets will go on sale the same day.

There are several reasons why this is a good and bad idea.

To begin, a person will spend $40 for the honor, nay, the privilege of being the first to watch new super hero movie. This will include a long lineup that begins well before the 11:30AM start time, as hard core fans camp out the night in a line up, all in attempts to jockey for the best seats in the house. You can definitely expect there will be many people in attendance so you will have to be prepared to spend the evening in a cramped busy place.

Yes, like the Rocky Horror Picture show fan base, this movie event will draw in cosplayers. So if you are someone who that might make you uncomfortable, then you might want to stay at home. On the other hand, if you love cosplaying (or at least don’t mind it) then you will probably have a great time here!

Then comes concessions. This is how the theater makes it money back. During the thirteen some odd hours of being cooped in a pig pen like atmosphere, people are going to want to eat. Hopefully there will be unlimited refills on all large sized drinks, because $20 to $30 for popcorn, candy and a drink is a lot of money to be spending. Then again, can you last that long without real food? Woe to the person who sits next to someone who’s smuggled in tin foil wrapped food. The crinkling of bags and foil throughout the theater will drive everyone mad.

The best argument going for why this is a great idea is for the experience and the atmosphere. Somehow the expected camaraderie of what may be a nerd support group is suppose to make the entire experience worthwhile. Who doesn’t love experiencing things like this with others who feel the same as you do? Having others there who are enjoying it as much as you, can make this event even more fun for attendees.

Frankly, the only thing that makes this idea seem bad for me, is that it might be tough being there all day (but anyone who has camped out for a premiere will not find this a problem) and the large crowds of people this is sure to attract. But in the end, true superhero fans and self-proclaimed geeks/nerds will find this a fantastic night and definitely worth the money to attend.

Note: this article was edited and rewritten in certain parts by the editor. 

6 thoughts on “AMC Theaters Unleashes an Ultimate Marvel Marathon

  1. Riley Hopkins

    well, that was painfully offensive to anyone who enjoys superhero movies. I have no idea why you decided to go all out and insult people who like superheroes or other geeky things, but I guess you’re an opinion writer so it doesn’t matter if you offend anyone.

    1. Leo Choy

      I won’t deny that I was offensive, but I didn’t center out everyone who likes superheroes or other geeky things. If I were to mock drunks, would you accuse me of mocking all drinkers? However it seems that’s the broad stance you’re taking; a recreational practice of mine; but to what ends, I do not assume to know. I wrote from a standpoint of logistics and personal experience. I even laughed as I wrote it because there may have even been some self-loathing contained therein.

      Yes, I am an opinion writer. Of course I’m going to offend, because no matter what opinion I hold, someone in the world will hold the exact opposite true. I would make apologies at this point, but your comments were painfully offensive to anyone who holds an opinion and likes kittens.

    2. Sarah Sommer

      Hi, as editor I would like apologize if this article offended you. It was brought my attention and I have rewritten it. No one should come here expecting an informative article and leave offended. Once again I apologize.

  2. Nathan Bevan

    Came here expecting a readable article. All I can see is you bashing superhero fans. Apparently we’re all fat, smelly cosplayers.

    1. Sarah Sommer

      Hi, like I mentioned in reply to the above commenter, I would like apologize, as the editor of this site, if this article offended you. It was brought my attention and I have taken time to rewrite it. No one should come here expecting an informative article and leave offended at the content like so. Please accept my apologies, and I hope the rewritten article does it justice.

  3. Leo Choy

    No, I’m bashing a subset of superhero fans. The way I would make fun of soccer hooligans, not soccer fans. Also, if what you say holds true, then I must be bashing myself because I’m pretty well versed in all things superhero; go on and take a gander at my other un-readable superhero articles. It’s almost as if I wrote the article from personal experience. How dare I be human if I can’t laugh at myself, right? Apparently we’re all humorless drones that should be thankful to the AMC machine.


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