Jacob Hopkins Talks Being A Vampire On True Blood Season 5

Photo Credits: DharmaVisions

During a recent interview over at our sister site, BSCkids, young actor Jacob Hopkins answers some questions about the upcoming season 5 of HBO’s “True Blood.”

There is little we know about his character in the upcoming series but we do know that Jacob plays one of the oldest vampires on the Vampire authority yet he is the youngest looking. His character, Alexander Drew, was turned at the tender young age of 9. However, don’t let his angelic face fool you, the old vampire is very cunning and very manipulative. Alexander will be known for being impetuous towards those around him.

Jacob described his character of Alexander as being “a feisty and strong-minded vampire.  He’s the kind of vampire who likes to taunt others.  He may look young, but looks can be deceiving.  He’s very wise and he pretty much makes himself heard.”

Some actors may find it difficult to play an age older or younger than themselves, let alone decades older, yet Jacob took the task in stride with confidence. He described how the other actors on set helped him get into the mindset of the old vampire.

I prepared Alexander to think like he was more important than anyone on the council or anyone who was in the same room as him.  It didn’t matter if I was 9 or not, Alexander is old and wise.  Once I was on set, it helped to be around all the other adult actors too.  I was in a suit and tie, sitting with the council, I felt like I was Alexander and a part of it all.”

He went on to credit fellow “True Blood” newcomer Christopher Meloni as an actor who taught him the most.

I have learned a lot from Chris Meloni because he would rehearse in front of everyone and he didn’t mind, and if he made a mistake, he would just go right back into it and he is such a great role model.”

And it is nice to know that Jacob loved his experience on “True Blood” saying that it was his favorite project thus far to work on.

I loved working with such nice people, great actors and I loved wearing my fangs!”

“True Blood” season 5 begins on June 10th and you can see Jacob starting on June 17th.

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