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“True Blood” Musical Being Developed


The HBO series “True Blood” is entering its final season but that doesn’t mean it is over for good. No, not a movie. A MUSICAL! The news comes from the mouth of composer Nathan Barr who has written the scores for every season the show.

“This was something that I pitched to HBO and [show creator] Alan Ball,” said composer Barr.

According to Barr, the musical will focus on telepath and perpetual death and destruction magnet, Sookie Stackhouse, (portrayed by Anna Paquin in the HBO series). However, Barr is aware that after seven seasons of wild twists and turns it will be difficult to trim the story down to one stage production.

“I think we’re really going to try to return to the roots of the show,” Barr commented.

Stephen Moyer, who portrays Bill Compton in the series opposite Paquin, also revealed that helped Barr put together some samples of the True Blood musical presented to HBO and Ball.

Barr plans to present a workshop version of the musical in about a year from now. He is hopeful that it will make it its way to Broadway but that “there’s no guarantees.” He added, “But I think the direction we’re heading in is really exciting.”

True Blood Releases Final Season Poster


The final season of HBO’s “True Blood” is almost here and we have the first official poster for season 7. You can see the poster above!

The series is based on “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” series of novels by Charlaine Harris, detailing the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional, small town in northwestern Louisiana. The series centers on the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepathic waitress with an otherworldly quality.

“True Blood” season 7 will be the final season with 10 episodes premiering on Sunday, June 22.

Along with Paquin, “True Blood” also stars Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Alexander Skarsgård, Chris Bauer, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Lauren Bowles, Anna Camp, Nelsan Ellis, Lucy Griffiths, Rutger Hauer, Arliss Howard, Rob Kazinsky, Todd Lowe, Joe Manganiello, Michael McMillian, Kelly Overton, Robert Patrick, Carrie Preston, and Deborah Ann Woll.

The show explores several contemporary issues, such as the struggle for equal rights, discrimination and violence against minorities and homosexuals, the problems of drug addiction, the power of faith and religion, the control/influence of the media, the quest for identity, and the importance of family.

HBO Announces Premiere Dates for True Blood’s Final Season and Damon Lindelof’s The Leftovers


HBO has announced several premiere dates for the next few months. Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof’s end times drama, “The Leftovers,” will debut its 10-episode first season immediately following the Season 4 finale for Game of Thrones on Sunday, June 15 at 10 PM ET/PT. “True Blood” will kick off its seventh and final season (also 10 episodes) on June 22 at 9 PM.

“The Leftovers” is described as a “an original look at The Rapture… because it’s not entirely clear The Rapture happened.” It is based on Tom Perrotta’s novel of the same name.

This Sunday, just before “Game of Thrones'” 9 PM premier, HBO will air teasers for both “The Leftovers” and “True Blood.” You can see the teaser trailers below:

True Blood Will End After Season 7



Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with this series. HBO started off with an amazing hit series that for several seasons was pure gold. However, it has gotten out of hand and I think its classy death after season 7 will be a mercy killing.

“True Blood” will officially end in 2014 according to Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. The final season will consist of 10 episodes and will begin next summer.  Continue reading

First Poster for True Blood Season 6 Released


HBO has officially released the new poster for the upcoming 6th season of their hit series, “True Blood.”

Season 6 will pick up where season 5 left off with the creation of “Billith.” In the finale of season 5, Bill, effectively brainwashed by the ideals of the Authority, drinks the blood of Lillith, faces the “true death,” and rises a more powerful vampire than before. The new poster possibly references what is to come with its tagline which reads, “No One Lives Forever.” It is no secret that Billith is incredibly dangerous at this point and whether or not the vampire population will remain at relative peace with humans will surely be a major season plot after the events of season 5.  Continue reading

2 New Promos Revealed For Season 6 of True Blood


The popular HBO series is about to go into its highly anticipated 6th season. HBO has officially released two behind the scenes promos for the upcoming season which premieres June 16th. The season will have an abbreviated run of ten episodes, as opposed to the usual twelve, partially to accommodate the pregnancy of lead actor Anna Paquin, who is married to costar Stephen Moyer, as well as due to economic factors. Continue reading

The Best and The Worst Of True Blood Season 5

Now that season 5 of HBO’s “True Blood” has concluded, it is time to reflect back on the semi-terrible season we all just witnessed. Don’t get me wrong, there were some fantastic moments, moments were my girly squeals of glee echoed through my apartment, but those moments were leveled out by the multitude of times I said “what the fuck is happening?”

So, here is “True Blood” season 5 in retrospect.

I think it goes without saying, but just in case: SPOILERS AHEAD


Russell is back, OF COURSE BECAUSE WHY KILL THE MOST DANGEROUS VAMPIRE? Though he falls in love with Steve Newlin, which is cute in its own creepy “lets drain a fraternity” kind of way. Denis O’hare is a fucking pro and handles his character like a boss.

CHRISTOPHER MELONI (do I really need to say more?)

Eric is finally back to the witty, sarcastic, intense viking we all love by the end of the season. We have missed you Eric.

Sam and Luna are naked this entire season. I’m pretty sure. This a pro because who doesn’t want to see them naked?

Luna’s daughter is a puppy the whole time too, which is freaking adorbs.

Pam does truly love Eric and she used to be a hooker. I love LOVE all the flashbacks to how they met.

Jessica glamours Hoyt to forget her and Jason. It broke my heart. Tears like waterfalls. But I saw the point in it. Definitely one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the entire season. Also the entire back and forth with Jessica and Jason. There are some genuinely sweet times between those two who can just never seem to get it together.

Alcide. Does anyone else feel like Sookie should give him an honest shot. He is sweet and loving and could treat her well. He also spends most of his time shirtless and growling which makes my heart and pants happy.

Vampire religion is a huge role this season. At first, I was annoyed however the more i think about it the more this social commentary didn’t feel as forced as some of the ones in the past. Also led up to Bill’s transformation in to the fucking worst.

Lafayette tells Alcide “don’t fucking growl at me.” Later he makes cajun margaritas and Merlotte’s is at peace once again.

Steve Newlin is a vampire now, wants a pet puppy, falls in love with Russell and then seems genuinely distraught at his death. His whole storyline. Gold.

Everything Roslyn said the entire season.

Sookie vomits on Alcide’s shoes. They do not talk about it.

Stoned vampires. Classic.

Jason says, “I don’t give a twirly fuck.”


Bill has finally secured the role of being the fucking worst. Closely followed by Lillith.

CHRISTOPHER MELONI DIES! I wanted more shirtless Roman, more Meloni damnit!

Tara is a vampire. Her character has annoyed me from the beginning, and her whininess only gets worse now that she has fangs and can’t die.

PAM IS NOT FULLY UTILIZED. She spends the entire season with Tara. Then they make out.

Jason rebuffs Jessica’s love in the end.

Eric bangs his vampire sister.

We learn literally nothing about Worlow.

As in previous seasons, even more storylines are added to this season that no one cared about:

Terry and Ifrit. I literally forgot this whole storyline existed because once it was over, I forced it out of my mind.

Listen, I am all for any reason for Alcide to be shirtless/naked but I do not care about him and his “should I/shouldnt I be pack master” shit.

The fairy elder. What the fuck was that about? I’m glad she got drained.

Andy impregnated that fairy lady, whose “light breaks” and proceeds to pop out four fairy babies and promptly leaves. It took a whole season to lead up to that.

The hate group killing “supes.” They wear Obama masks and it feels forced. This is a storyline I could have done without.

Game of Thrones and True Blood Aren’t Going Anywhere

HBO easily has two of the most popular series around. “Game of Thrones” continues to be a top performer along side their other series “True Blood.” But many wonder what future do these shows have? Thankfully, HBO executives recently sat down to answer questions while sounding off about the futures of the mega popular shows they air.

Richard Plepler and Michael Lombardo talked about where they see the two hit shows going in the future.

“Game of Thrones,” based off the book series written by George R.R. Martin, is about to enter its third season which will be based on the first half of the third novel, “A Storm of Swords.” The show’s future, however, is largely dependent on the novels.

Plepler offered a conforting statement for those who worry the series will end before the books do.

 “As long as he keeps writing we’ll keep producing, and he seems excited with that prospect.”

The novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, has two novels left still to be written by Martin, however, in case something should happen, the producers of the HBO series, know how it is going to end. This also means they wrote make any major changes to the plot either.

“True Blood,” based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, is halfway through its fifth season. Plepler and Lombardo seem confident that the series will continue on despite showrunner, Alan Ball, stepping down.

This coming year Alan Ball is taking a little bit of a step back, but I think creatively, they’re still engaged and excited by the storytelling,” Lombardo explains. “As long as it continues to be performing with the consumer, but more importantly exciting the storytellers, I think we’re there.”

HBO definitely seems to know where their money is coming from. Now, if only they would allow an online subscription…

‘True Blood’ Actress Janina Gavankar Talks Nude Scenes, Sookie’s Love Triangle


HBO’s hit series, “True Blood” is known for many things. A large audience, kinky and not so kinky sex scenes and about a million different plots shoved into every episode. Recently, Janina Gavankar, the woman who plays Luna, Sam Merlotte’s shifter sometimes girlfriend, sat down with Celebuzz to talk about the show as well as its copious amounts of sex and nakedness.

We know that the shifters in the series are often naked. When they change form they have to be so that means both for Sam and Luna, lots of time in front of the camera naked. Gavankar assured that she feels completely comfortable to be naked in the professional environment of the show.

I am. Besides the fact that it is obviously the most professional environment that you can imagine, I joined in season four so by then they had already seen way worse than what I was about to do. Shifters are naked so much just because we shift into other things that we’re not even connected to. I feel like I’m just as connected to my human form as I am to a horse form. So in that regard, the brain space of nudity is a little different for shifters, and that is something obviously I’m very OK with.

To prepare for her nude scenes and/or racier scenes with in the series, Gavankar explained the process of keeping everything professional (even when her mother was in town watching.)

We do fittings for a day of nudity, meaning what kind of nude-colored undergarment am I going to tape to my body to make sure that everybody can remain professional. We have really long work days so you’re in these outfits — or non-outfits — with everybody around you doing their job. On one day, my mother was actually in town — and when my mom is in town I take her everywhere — so she was there for the entire fitting watching it all happen.

It demystified the entire thing for her [mother]. She really got to see how it’s very much work. It’s a full work day and she got to see how professional it really was. She was there for the entire fitting watching it all happen — how we’re talking about sizes of underwear and which color matches my skin tone. It’s really very technical. There’s nothing sexy and therefore awkward because of it. There is nothing awkward about it because there is nothing sexy about it either.

Most of us would probably be mortified to watch a taped sex scene featuring ourselves, but not Gavankar, she explains how the post production crew makes it look much better than it did the day it was filmed.

Here’s the truth: They make us look even better than we do in real life, because were in full makeup. We’ve probably been sprayed tanned, made up and the lighting is perfect with wind blowing through your hair. There’s even a film score behind it and the music makes it even cooler. By the time you watch it, it’s all been cut together so beautifully that it looks way better than it did on the day of the shoot.

Gavankar also let us know who she thinks Sookie should end up with.

I love Bill (Stephen Moyer) but I think she needs to give Alcide (Joe Manganiello) a real shot. But in the very end? I would say Bill. I feel like whenever she’s crying and she’s with him, I’m always more choked up. Maybe it’s just because of their real life chemistry.

Three Popular Shows Have Three Terrible Television Mothers

Anyone who reads any kind of entertainment news, or really ever turns on a television, knows that HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” “True Blood,” and AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” are incredibly popular. They have dominated award shows, viewership has been through the roof, they include impressive casts, and people generally can’t stop talking about them.

All three shows house some of the worst TV mother’s. It seems each of these characters have their own self interest in mind rather than their child and continually do harm to that child whether physically or emotionally. In short, they are the worst. But we can’t blame the writing, these moms are adaptations of characters from written work, they were written to be terrible for a reason.

(It is also weird that all three characters start with the letter “L”)

So here is a countdown of the three worst television mothers.

3. Lysa Arryn/Tully (Game of Thrones)

Looking at Lysa’s character from both the TV standpoint and ASOIAF, it is painfully obvious for the audience and other characters that Lysa does not have her son’s best interest in mind.

She creepily continues to breastfeed her son, Robert, in a way that could be a poster for attachment parenting, though the biggest issue is her continual overprotection and isolationism of the son. She also denies the boy almost nothing, giving in to his whims, basically teaching him nothing of the real world outside the Vale.

Her mental instability and paranoia have resulted in her secluding herself and her son in the Eyrie.  Even though she has a chance to send Robert to be fostered else where (where he would be kept safe), she denies, keeping the weakling son in her arms and at her breast. Robert is getting no training on how to defend himself in a world where everyone dies pretty damn quickly and often.

ASOIAF Spoiler Ahead

Because of Lysa’s extreme overprotection of Robert, when she dies, he becomes also mentally unstable attempting to latch on to whatever maternal figure he can find.

Lysa is not the worst mother out there, but in the world that they live in, he needs to learn to fight, to be brave, not to rely on others to keep him safe. Sansa learned that lesson the hard way, and Robert will too.

2. Lettie Mae (True Blood)

I had reservations about putting her on this list because while she is TERRIBLE, she appears infrequently. However, last weeks episode proved just how awful Lettie Mae can be.

Mother to Tara Thornton (who is in her own right annoying), Lettie Mae has done some serious mind fucking over the years. An abusive alcoholic, Lettie Mae spent Tara’s life neglecting her, beating her, and verbally abusing her. yet she uses her bond as her mother to excersize control over Tara, such as getting her to give her money for an exorcism. While this ended up working psychologically to help Lettie Maw recover from addiction, it doesn’t save their relationship in the long run.

When Tara is distraught over the death of Eggs, Lettie Maw is more preoccupied with getting with the Reverend than helping her daughter. Tara then almost commits suicide while Lettie is failing to keep an eye on her.

After she married the Reverend, Lettie Mae disowns Tara as she is an embarrassment to the preacher’s wife (though being fucking nuts isn’t for some reason?)

Lettie Mae can be cited as one of the reasons Tara is “so screwed up” as an adult. Tara has followed in her mothers footsteps with alcoholism in the past as well as having low self esteem and being generally cold hearted and mean to those who try to get close to her. I think it is reasonable to believe that if Tara had a mother like Gran she would have turned out a little better.

Instead we have a character that hardly anyone likes and who seems to be angry all the time. UGH. Thanks a lot Lettie Mae, lets hope the Reverend doesn’t find a new younger wife and divorce you like he did his previous wife. (I also want to point out that even though she has been :saved” she still walks around and talks like she is drunk ALL THE TIME.)

1. Lori (The Walking Dead)

We all know this list isn’t complete with out Lori. There is so many reasons why we love to hate her. (Not to mention the actress, Sarah Wayne Callies, portrays the character perfectly.)

Let start with the Shane situation. Even in the post-apocalyptic world, you shouldn’t sleep with your husband’s best friend. Plenty of others are not out getting it on zombie style during the apocalypse and yet she chose to do the horizontal dance with Shane (not even Daryl c’mon hasn’t she seen Boondock Saints?) Shane becomes surrogate father for her son Carl, yet when Rick shows up, she doesn’t even want Shane around. She never considered that Carl might want/need Shane around as he had been there, bonding with him. Instead she pushes Shane away, instigating more and more animosity among the group.

And the biggest reason of all. SHE NEVER KEEPS TRACK OF CARL. What kind of mother does this? One is selfish and manipulative. She is also against her son learning vital survival skills in a world where protecting oneself is KEY. She also never really connects with her son in their trying times or listens to what he has to say. Carl is consistently getting away from the group, because lets face it he is still a KID even in the apocalyptic world, yet Lori never seems to notice and remains obvious to the location of her child.

She says she is first and foremost a mother, yet she exceedingly fails in the role.