Jim Parsons and Rihanna Head To “Happy Smekday!”

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jim Parsons (“Harvey on Broadway,” “The Big Bang Theory”) and pop singer Rihanna (Battleship) will star in the animated feature film Happy Smekday!.

The film is based on the critically acclaimed book The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex.

In the novel, aliens invade Earth hoping to hide from their mortal enemies. When one alien accidentally shares their whereabouts with the enemies, he is forced to go on the run with a teenage girl. The two become friends and set out to fix the mistake. Along the way, the alien protagonist learns what it really means to be human.

DreamWorks Animation plans to release the film during the fourth quarter of 2014. It will be directed by Tim Johnson (Over the Hedge, Antz). Chris Jenkins (Rio, Surf’s Up) and Suzanne Buirgy (Kung Fu Panda 2) will produce and DreamWorks Animation’s Head of Development Gregg Taylor is overseeing the project.

Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember (Get Smart) are writing the screenplay.

Bill Damaschke, DreamWorks Animation’s Chief Creative Officer, said the book is hilarious, and will provide the perfect recipe for a compelling animated feature. He also said the film will “show the world just how fun an alien invasion can be.”

Johnson said he can’t wait to introduce audiences to the unique world and characters of the story.

“When I read Adam Rex’s remarkable book, I knew it would make an amazing film,” Johnson said.

Read the official plot summary of The True Meaning of Smekday below:

“It all starts with a school essay. When twelve-year-old Gratuity (“Tip”) Tucci is assigned to write five pages on The True Meaning of Smekday for the National Time Capsule contest, she’s not sure where to begin. When her mom started telling everyone about the messages aliens were sending through a mole on the back of her neck? Maybe on Christmas Eve, when huge, bizarre spaceships descended on the Earth and the aliens – called Boov – abducted her mother? Or when the Boov declared Earth a colony, renamed it “Smekland” (in honor of glorious Captain Smek), and forced all Americans to relocate to Florida via rocketpod? In any case, Gratuity’s story is much, much bigger than the assignment. It involves her unlikely friendship with a renegade Boov mechanic named J.Lo.; a futile journey south to find Gratuity’s mother at the Happy Mouse Kingdom; a cross-country road trip in a hovercar called Slushious; and an outrageous plan to save the Earth from yet another alien invasion.”

While the entire cast has not yet been determined, the roles of Rihanna and Jim Parsons have been revealed. Rihanna will be portraying Gratuity Tucci and Parsons will play J.Lo.

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