New Dexter Season 7 Teaser Trailer

I’ll be the first to admit that this teaser shows almost absolutely nothing. Between a few shots of Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter standing there. followed by some flashy scenes of a knife with blood on it and the symbolic dripping of blood on the detectives shield, almost nothing is revealed about the upcoming season. But it does do one thing, it is building to a new a season that promises to be even more exciting than the last few.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen season 6.

When we last left Dexter, he was killing the Doomsday Killer in his signature way, but this time he got a little bit sloppy and Deb saw him commit the act. That alone would be earth shattering to the series dynamic between the two characters. However, this ending moments comes off the heels of Deb realizing she is IN LOVE with Dexter, and was on her way to tell him how she felt. It took her a whole season (and 20 odd years I suppose) to come to that realization only for moments later see him kill someone.

But don’t assume the jig is up for good ol’ Dexter. He may be able to get out of this one yet. Seeing as Deb doesn’t know this isn’t a one time thing, she may forgive him after all. She was able to get past her civic duty in season 5 when the revenge killers were out and about (which as we know was Dexter and Lumen.) Though I predict a season of conflicting emotions ahead for both characters.

So, while there isn’t much that we know about the upcoming season we can expect some new info being released with Comic Con around the corner and the new season getting closer everyday.

“Dexter” premieres on Showtime at 9:00pm ET/PT on September 30th and you can watch the new teaser trailer below:

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