The Marvel Studios Comic-Con Panel Announces Big News

The Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel got off to a big start this weekend when they announced the full titles for the upcoming Thor and Captain America sequels, and showed concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy.

They also announced the team for the planned Marvel Studios movie, as well as showing Edgar Wright’s test footage for Ant-Man.

The Thor sequel will be called Thor: The Dark World. Captain America’s sequel will be called Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After unveiling some concept art, the panel announced the team that will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Racoon and Gamorra.

This is essentially the same line-up as the group that will appear in Marvel Comics’ Avengers Assemble, according to ComingSoon. Wright then came on stage to show test footage he had filmed for the upcoming film Ant-Man, though the film has not yet been cast.

ComingSoon is keeping a live blog of Marvel’s actions at Comic-Con. To follow the updates, click here.

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