New Walking Dead Season 3 Photo And An Update From Robert Kirkman

While fans await the premiere of season 3 of AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead,” creator, Robert Kirkman has released a set photo as well as offered a short update for the newest season.

The series started out with a six-episode first season, which was followed by a thirteen-episode second season. And coming this fall, we’ll see the first eight episodes of what will go on to be a sixteen-episode third season. As of last week, production on the midseason finale has wrapped.

He recently tweeted,

We wrapped on the mid-season finale of @WalkingDead_AMC a few hours ago. Amazing work from all involved, this Georgia crew kicks ass!

Kirkman also shared the following photo, which gives us a look at the Woodbury welcome center.

Woodbury may seem like a welcoming safe haven for Rick and the gang, but anyone who knows whats in store for the crew, Woodbury is anything but. The band of survivors have a tough season ahead of them, between the walkers and the other’s still alive. This new season will also see the introduction of the highly anticipated character, The Governor.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with new episodes October 14. Those looking for a way to pass the time between now and then might check out the Walking Dead Facebook game.

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