Justice League

‘Justice League’ Aims for Summer 2015

Justice League

Superheroes are in today’s headline. For a second, I thought Warner Bros. was releasing a new animated comic book movie. Don’t get me wrong, even when they are released direct to video, many of those animated stories are pretty fantastic. But today’s news revolves around the Justice League and a live-action blockbuster, my friends. That’s something to get truly exited about. You can even drool a little. I won’t tell.

Marvel fans reveled in The Avengers film from director Joss Whedon. Now DC Comics fans may get their turn to party. You may be asking, “Hey, what took so long?” Well, apparently, the courts are to blame. Warner Bros. has been in a long tussle over winning the rights to the Superman property.

Now, which the nastiness behind them, let’s hope, for good, the studio wants to take a page out of The Flash’s book and hurry things along! They are now pushing the development of a Justice League movie. The film would star Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other characters. Can I play Zatanna in the sequel? Please, oh please, oh please?

The studio has targeted 2014 for filming, with a projected release date in the Summer of 2015. Since they already has a script in development, the next order of business is to pin down a director and start casting roles.

If Warner Bros. had lost the case they brought against the family of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, all Justice League or any other movies, television shows or comics featuring elements the Superman mythos would have been off-limits after 2013, unless new deals were made. Yikes!

The climate was further negative with the Green Lantern film being largely lackluster. When it comes to Warner Bros. and DC Comics, only Christopher Nolan’s amazing Batman movie trilogy has been successful thus far. Their strategy for sequels is also sounding risky. You see, for Marvel movies, solo titles hit the big screen first and developed fan based prior to bringing everyone together on The Avengers set.

Warner Bros. plans to do the opposite. They’ll unveil Justice League, then release solo titles. Do you foresee success? I think the key to wining the box office will be a few very well-known actors and one dynamite screenwriter. It is very difficult penning a script with vying personalities getting along, arguing, fighting bad guys together, and shining in turn. Don’t put a rookie on the case. And whereas Henry Cavill is relatively low on the fame radar, but should still make a stellar Man of Steel in his June 14th, 2013 debut as Sup, I think an expensive star or two definitely needs to be on the League roster to draw crowds. Hey, it takes money to make money. Oh, and will Cavill play Superman in JL?

No, I’m not saying I didn’t like Immortals, starring Mr. Cavill. Saw it twice in theaters, thank you very much.

Here’s another important question. What time period are our heroes going to be living in? Wasn’t there something more stylist about the X-Men: First Class than the previous, modern-day X-Men films? Actually, a case could be made for either era. If we set the Justice League in our current time period, a lot of costumes need updating.

I know one DC hero who isn’t down and out. The Green Arrow is enjoying success in the CW’s hottest show in three years, Arrow.

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