Jurassic World Gets Release Date of June 12, 2015


Universal Pictures has finally announced the anticipated release date for the next film in the Jurassic Park franchise. The fourth installment in the series will be called Jurassic World and will be released in 3D on June 12, 2015. 

Jurassic World will see the return of Steven Spielberg as producer and relative newcomer, Colin Trevorrow, as director. The screenplay for the highly anticipated fourth film was written by Derek Connolly. Other producers include Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley. Trevorrow is most known for working on the independent film, Safety Not Guaranteed, another acclaimed science fiction film.

There is no word yet on the cast of the project or if any of the original films actors will be returning.

Jurassic World continues the franchise that was initially based on the 1990 science fiction novel written by Michael Crichton. The novel was adapted by Steven Spielberg and later won 3 Oscars, 19 other awards, and 15 nominations. The book’s sequel, The Lost World (1995), was also adapted by Spielberg into a film in 1997. While the third film in the franchise was not directly adapted from a novel, it utilized both previous novels to create a storyline that had similar thematic elements and overall feel. The third film also used several scenes from both books that had not been adapted into the previous films.

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