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Drink Like A Westerosi With Stark Raving Wine: The Perfect Game of Thrones Wine Pairing – Review


If you watch even just one episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” you will notice at least one thing. LOTS and lots of wine. A staple among the characters of George R.R. Martin’s world, wine seems to seep through every scene. Now, fans (21 years old or over, of course) can drink like their favorite characters with Stark Raving wines.

I watch “Game of Thrones” pretty religiously every week and was excited to get the chance to try out a new wine that would fit perfectly with my Sunday night tradition. The Stark Raving wine line comes in four different and unique wines. A white, a red, a Cabernet, and a malbec. Superficially, I absolutely LOVE the bottle design for these wines. They each feature a vintage steampunk-eaque design that looks cool and enticing. Seeing this at a wine store, I would immediately be interested.

The White Wine

Like Sansa Stark, the white wine is sweet yet bold. It has a fruity and juicy taste that reminds you of those warm summer nights. The white wine is a blend of chardonnay, muscat, malvasia bianco. Like Sansa, the white may seem like a one dimensionally sweet, however, with each sip, the complexity reveals itself more.

This one was my favorite of the Stark Raving wines. I loved the relaxed mixture and overall fruit-infused taste. It is recommended to this wine chilled which gives it an even sweeter and refreshing taste.


The Red Wine

Like Arya Stark, the red wine is filled with a big and bold personality. If there is anything we know about Arya, it is that she is both strong and fearless and this wine perfectly encapsulates her never giving up attitude. This dark red wine is rich in flavor being a blend of  jammy fruit like dark bing cherries and ripe plums along with  tannat, zin, merlot, cab sauv, and petit sirah.

I personally really enjoyed this wine as the after taste of each sip of filled with a sweet fruit flavor that made me want to go back for more.


The Cab

This Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect pairing for the Robb Stark of the family. It is both extremely forward and little spicy. It is a mix of ripe berries balanced by medium tannins giving it one of the boldest tastes of all. Whether he is on his quest to conquer the North or dealing with those who oppose him and his new wife, Robb would find a perfect wine companion in this Cabernet.

I found the Cabernet to be one of the strongest of the four wines. It has a very distinct taste and is great for the seasoned wine drinkers like the Lannisters.


The Malbec

Similarly to Catelyn Stark, the malbec wine is both dark and spicy. While Catelyn is not afraid to do or say what she thinks is right, even when it lands her in jail at the request of her own son. Her feisty personality and dark character flaws finds a natural partnership with the malbec of Stark Raving wines. The medium bodied wine is a mixture of  Dark cherries and smoky bacon creating a unique taste fit for the Starks of Winterfell. There is not doubt that if Ned was alive, he would be enjoying this wine next to the hearth or at dinner with Catelyn.

The malbec has one of the more interesting tastes of all four wines. It took a few sips before I decided I liked it and from there it grew on me. This wine would be perfect for those relaxing evenings watching “Game of Thrones,” with friends or solo.


Stark Raving Wines is the perfect pairing for “Game of Thrones.” It can bring you closer to the world of Westeros and Essos as you drink alongside your favorite characters, not to mention would make a great addition to any party with friends and family.

“They generously spill wine throughout the show – so it seems natural to join them in celebration as viewers wind down from their weekends on Sunday nights.”

You can learn about where to buy your own bottle of Stark Raving wine by visiting their official website.

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