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‘True Blood’ Actress Janina Gavankar Talks Nude Scenes, Sookie’s Love Triangle


HBO’s hit series, “True Blood” is known for many things. A large audience, kinky and not so kinky sex scenes and about a million different plots shoved into every episode. Recently, Janina Gavankar, the woman who plays Luna, Sam Merlotte’s shifter sometimes girlfriend, sat down with Celebuzz to talk about the show as well as its copious amounts of sex and nakedness.

We know that the shifters in the series are often naked. When they change form they have to be so that means both for Sam and Luna, lots of time in front of the camera naked. Gavankar assured that she feels completely comfortable to be naked in the professional environment of the show.

I am. Besides the fact that it is obviously the most professional environment that you can imagine, I joined in season four so by then they had already seen way worse than what I was about to do. Shifters are naked so much just because we shift into other things that we’re not even connected to. I feel like I’m just as connected to my human form as I am to a horse form. So in that regard, the brain space of nudity is a little different for shifters, and that is something obviously I’m very OK with.

To prepare for her nude scenes and/or racier scenes with in the series, Gavankar explained the process of keeping everything professional (even when her mother was in town watching.)

We do fittings for a day of nudity, meaning what kind of nude-colored undergarment am I going to tape to my body to make sure that everybody can remain professional. We have really long work days so you’re in these outfits — or non-outfits — with everybody around you doing their job. On one day, my mother was actually in town — and when my mom is in town I take her everywhere — so she was there for the entire fitting watching it all happen.

It demystified the entire thing for her [mother]. She really got to see how it’s very much work. It’s a full work day and she got to see how professional it really was. She was there for the entire fitting watching it all happen — how we’re talking about sizes of underwear and which color matches my skin tone. It’s really very technical. There’s nothing sexy and therefore awkward because of it. There is nothing awkward about it because there is nothing sexy about it either.

Most of us would probably be mortified to watch a taped sex scene featuring ourselves, but not Gavankar, she explains how the post production crew makes it look much better than it did the day it was filmed.

Here’s the truth: They make us look even better than we do in real life, because were in full makeup. We’ve probably been sprayed tanned, made up and the lighting is perfect with wind blowing through your hair. There’s even a film score behind it and the music makes it even cooler. By the time you watch it, it’s all been cut together so beautifully that it looks way better than it did on the day of the shoot.

Gavankar also let us know who she thinks Sookie should end up with.

I love Bill (Stephen Moyer) but I think she needs to give Alcide (Joe Manganiello) a real shot. But in the very end? I would say Bill. I feel like whenever she’s crying and she’s with him, I’m always more choked up. Maybe it’s just because of their real life chemistry.

New Season 5 True Blood Scene Features Sam and Luna

HBO recently premiered a new scene from the upcoming season 5 of their hit series, “True Blood.” The new scene features Sam (Sam Trammell) and Luna (Janina Gavankar).

Season 5 will include several new cast members such as Christopher Meloni, most know for working on “Law & Order: SVU.” Details on who his character will be has yet to be released. Also joining this season is Scott Foley as Patrick, one of Terry’s war buddies. Louis Herthum will join as JD, Alcide’s father and Kelly Overton will appear as Rikki, a werewolf curious about Marcus. It has also been revealed that Carolyn Hennesy will play Rosalyn Harris, a texas vampire thrown into the mix.

Alan Ball has cast the reoccurring role of Alexander Drew for the upcoming season 5, a Chancellor of the vaunted Vampire Authority.

“True Blood” is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris. The novels follows the world as the existence of vampires are revealed and the two groups of humanity struggle to co-exist around the world. The novels focus primarily on the town of Bon Temps, a small town in Louisiana and the life of telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse.

I am pretty excited for the new season, it has been to long since I had “True Blood” in my life, I almost considered reading the series over winter break. You can watch the new scene below:

Season 5 of “True Blood” premieres on Sunday, June 10th.