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Marvel TV Characters Unlikely to Ever Appear in an MCU Film


If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Television Universe then you might have noticed something interesting. The Netflix characters have YET to make an appearance in the MCU. They barely even get a halfhearted mention in the movies is any type of recognition. SHIELD and Agent Carter have lots of crossover with the movies but the Marvel Netflix has so far been treated like the Harry Potter of the Dursley family.

However, according to Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of Television, the television Marvel characters are unlikely to ever appear in one of Marvel’s films. He said,

I can tell you that part of the challenge of doing this sort of thing is that the movies are planned out years in advance of what it is that we are doing. Television moves at an incredible speed. The other part of the problem is that when you stop and think about it, if I’m shooting a television series and that’s going to go on over a six-month or eight-month period, how am I going to get Mike [Colter, Luke Cage] to be able to go be in a movie? I need Mike to be in a television show.

It is not completely impossible though, just very unlikely. Loeb adds that part of keeping the worlds mostly separate is that he wouldn’t want any potential crossover to be meaningless such as, “We never want to do Luke Cage gets into a cab as Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock are getting out of the cab,” he said.

One small bit of good news for Netflix Marvel was hinted by Loeb. He mentioned that Rosario Dawson, who plays Nurse Claire Temple in Daredevil and Jessica Jones, is going to appear in, well, something. (She was recently announced to be appearing in “Luke Cage” and possibly “Iron Fist” as well. If this is the news he was hinting, I will be bummed. Put her in the movies!!!)

He said,

We have seen some characters that have appeared and crossed over. Most notably, one of our cast members that isn’t here because she’s working is Rosario Dawson, who continues the character of Claire Temple. So the short answer is we are already doing it. The long answer is as things go by, as the story dictates it, we’ve always been big fans of providing Easter eggs for our fans, but we never want to be known as an Easter egg farm. It has to work within the story.

New Jessica Jones Comic Series from Original Creators Coming This October


Marvel is knocking it out of the park with their Netflix additions to the MCU and “Jessica Jones” was seriously amazing. While we wait for the second season to premiere, the super heroine with a alcohol problem is returning to comics in a new Marvel series from original creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, according to IGN.

Bendis said he did not want to premiere the comic series back in November with the series, rather, he wanted to wait until he could get the entire original team back together, including cover artist David Mack. Bendis told IGN:

Between [Michael’s art] and David Mack, who is one of my closest friends who did all the covers, that is the signature in which people think of her, of [Jessica Jones’] visuals. So having them all back together and having everyone be just a little bit better at their jobs — I think Michael is a better illustrator and David is a better painter — and I have to rise to the occasion and meet them.

In the comic book, we see Jessica where her comic, Alias, left off. Unlike her Netflix translation, this Jessica and long-time romantic partner Luke Cage have been raising their daughter, Danielle.

Having a child completely changes your perspective on everything, some in obvious ways and some in not-so-obvious ways. Some of them really sneak up on you. Like caring about somebody more than yourself, particularly when you’re very self-involved like Jessica would tend to be, is a big thing … So your perspective changes, and as an investigator and a detective her perspective will change because she’s a mother. I know some people are worried about that baby being dragged like a sack of potatoes that holds down the story or something, but I can think of many ways to tell the story celebrate this part of her life and at the same time complicates it to a degree that a lot of people can relate to. I think a lot of people can relate to trying to ‘do it all.’

Despite the current obstacles, in the Netflix world Jessica and Luke are not yet together though they will eventually end up finding their way back to each other.


Less Jessica Jones More Supporting Characters in Season 2


We got some interesting information this week regarding the second season of the Netflix Marvel series, “Jessica Jones.” The series showrunner Melissa Rosenberg revealed a bit more about what we can expect from the show when she chatted with Nerdist recently.

According to Rosenberg, season 2 will see less of the titular character dominating the show. This will give more of a chance to spotlight some other characters like Trish and Will Simpson (not to mention give star Krysten Ritter a break from shooting for nearly 6 months straight.)

“You have to earn secondary character stories. You have to flesh them out enough so they can eventually carry stories of their own, which is very much what season 1 was about,” Rosenberg told Nerdist. “So I’m hopeful I can at least give [Ritter] a day off in the six month period.”

Melissa Rosenberg to Write Marvel Studios’ Jessica Jones


Deadline is reporting that Melissa Rosenberg, most known for screenwriting The Twilight Saga, will be in charge of writing the upcoming Marvel Studios adaptation of “Jessica Jones.” The female superhero first made an appearance in 2001’s Marvel MAX title “Alias.” Retroactively a former Avenger, Jones left the superhero life behind to run Alias Private Investigations. Although “Alias” ended after just 28 issues, Jones has since become a major character in the Marvel Universe.

The series will premiere on Netflix alongside “Daredevil,” “Luke Cage,” and “Iron Fist.” All four will build to a crossover miniseries titled, “The Defenders.” Each series is designed to take Netflix members deep into the gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Netflix has committed to a minimum of four, thirteen episodes series and the culminating mini-series event that reimagines a dream team of self-sacrificing, heroic characters.

Rosenberg will serve as both writer and executive producer on “Jessica Jones,” which is expected to be the second show to premiere, following “Daredevil.” Drew Goddard was also announced to be taking over the “Daredevil” series adaptation.

There is no word yet on who is being looked at to star in the project or an anticipated release date. Also whether or not the series will tie in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unconfirmed.

Netflix Orders Four Original Marvel Series


Netflix definitely knows what’s up. They know what their consumers want and how they want it delivered to their eyeballs. The company has officially announced their plans to work with Marvel to develop at least four original series exclusively for Netflix, followed by a miniseries for the streaming service. Marvel will develop series for “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Iron Fist,” and “Luke Cage,” in that order.

All four shows will have a 12 episode run and will begin streaming in 2015. The plans will culminate with “The Defenders” miniseries event about a dream team of self-sacrificing, heroic characters.

Alan Fine, Marvel Entertainment president said in a statement, said,

“This deal is unparalleled in its scope and size, and reinforces our commitment to deliver Marvel’s brand, content and characters across all platforms of storytelling. Netflix offers an incredible platform for the kind of rich storytelling that is Marvel’s specialty. This serialized epic expands the narrative possibilities of on-demand television and gives fans the flexibility to immerse themselves how and when they want in what’s sure to be a thrilling and engaging adventure.”

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos added

“Marvel’s movies, such as Iron Manand Marvel’s The Avengers, are huge favorites on our service around the world. Like Disney, Marvel is a known and loved brand that travels. With House of Cards and our other original series, we have pioneered new approaches to storytelling and to global distribution and we’re thrilled to be working with Disney and Marvel to take our brand of television to new levels with a creative project of this magnitude.”

The shows will be produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Television Studios. There is no word yet on if/how the new shows and miniseries will tie into the current franchise, The Marvel Cinematic Universe.