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Bite Sized Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Trailers

Three more TV spots for Colombia Picture’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance aired; one which aired during the pre-game show for the Super Bowl. Each spot was a mini copy of the official trailer using slightly different imagery or audio.

Come February 17, Nicolas Cage will once again hit the big screen as Johnny Blaze. This, “Gritty” new vision for the character will show Blaze struggling with his inner demons. As the flaming skull superhero for the movie adaptation, the Ghost Rider’s purpose on the mortal realm will be to act as the Devil’s bounty hunter. Directed by Mark Neveldine and Bryan Taylor; Chev-Chelly-Crank-Os; the Ghost Rider will risk everything to save a young boy from the devil; who’s trying to take human form; and hopefully rid himself of his curse forever.

The movie trailers have shown more bubbling and boiling of tar like leather and flaming pee. Hoping to out-do; or even distance themselves from; the 2003 movie of Ghost Rider, it appears that touting the franchise as dark and gritty is the sell point. Is this admission that the previous movie was fun and campy? I’m still trying to get over the poor man’s Batman known as the Daredevil. His superpower was to be able to see; the better to sue you; but I’m still trying to unsee the movie version.

In the past, I’ve created a running theory on how to determine if a Nicholas Cage movie will be good or not. Originally the theory was that the longer the hair, the worse the movie, but as time progressed, the idea had to be adapted. Using simple observational skills, I’ve postulated that the better groomed or kept Cage’s hair is, the better the movie. The wilder or worse the hair, the worse the movie will be.

Nicholas Cage's hair: Short and Neat

Cage; who seems to be accepting any script that comes his way; nearly destroys my theory by making me question which hair I’m suppose to be observing. The hair for Johnny Blaze, or the flaming hairless skull that is the Ghost Rider. In the trailers I’ve seen, Johnny Blaze’s hair is all over the place. While the CGI Ghost Rider is on fire; which is wild and out of control. So both do not meet the prerequisite for being well groomed. Ergo, the movie should flop.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a reworking or reboot of a marvel film superhero flop. At the zenith of the Spider-man franchise popularity, superhero movies were being cranked out as fast as they could film them. Some of them were not so good and fans were not forgiving. So after assessing the damages done, some movies were either redone or a sequel was reworked. The Incredible Hulk (2008) smashed the Hulk (2003) as a sequel. The Punisher (2004) was replaced with Punisher: War Zone (2008). While some movies like Electra were so bad that they were forced from the collective consciousness a la Highlander II; not even the sequels acknowledge it’s existence.

Long and Crazy

Also, if there’s a superhero who’s the Spirit of Vengeance, that would be Detective Comic’s Spectre; the actual wrath of God, not the devil’s errand boy that Marvel has.

Check out some of the Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengence TV spots below: