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Jennifer Lawrence Takes Lead Role In The Rules of Inheritance


Jennifer Lawrence, the BFF we all wish we had, has officially signed on to the lead role of the big screen adaptation of The Rules of Inheritance. The film is based on the recently published memoir of Claire Bidwell Smith. The story is a tragic real life account of some of life’s greatest hardships and one girl’s struggle to overcome them.  Continue reading

First Look at Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Serena

The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence, has begun shooting her new project Serena in Prague. The film comes from 2929 and Studiocanal Productions, and she will star opposite of Bradley Cooper. Serena is based on on Rash’s acclaimed novel of the same name, which was a finalist for the 2009 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction.

We only have one photo from the adaptation, but frankly she looks gorgeous. I love the 1920’s look and she pulls off flawlessly.

The film follows newlyweds George (Cooper) and Serena Pemberton (Lawrence) who travel from Boston to the mountains of North Carolina where they begin to build a timber empire in 1929. Serena soon shows herself to be the equal of any man: overseeing crews, hunting rattle-snakes, even saving a man’s life in the wilderness. Together, this king and queen rule their dominion, killing or vanquishing all who stand in the way of their ambitions. But when Serena learns that she can never bear a child, she sets out to murder the woman who bore George a son before his marriage. And when she starts to suspect that George is protecting his illegitimate family, the Pembertons’ intense, passionate marriage begins to unravel as the story moves toward its shocking reckoning.

Serena is being directed by Susanne Bier with a screenplay from Christopher Kyle.

Along side Lawrence and Cooper, the film also features Toby Jones and Rhys Ifans.

We are very happy to be partnering with 2929 again,” said Olivier Courson, Chairman and CEO of Studiocanal. “Susanne Bier is a director we all greatly admire at Studiocanal, so to be able to finance and distribute her next film is a great pleasure for us. And like any filmgoer, we are very excited to see Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence together in this epic film.”

The film is produced by Ben Cosgrove, 2929 co-owners Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban, Chockstone Pictures’ Paula Mae Schwartz and Steve Schwartz, and Nick Wechsler via his Nick Wechsler Productions banner. Studiocanal co-financed the project with 2929 and is handling all foreign sales.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Caught On Film: Again!

Jennifer Lawrence, the 21 year old star of the upcoming film, The Hunger Games is in full demand from Hollywood.

Lawrence who has just completed filming the House at the End of the Street, starring in The Silver Lining Playbook; which is in post-production; is now slated to play the female lead in upcoming adaptation of the period drama novel Serena. I’m not sure how she has the time to do this when she heads back into training for The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire in July.

Which means that Lawrence is set to reunite with Bradley Cooper on Serena, reports the Hollywood Reporter. This will be their second movie together as they just costarred in The Silver Lining Playbook. It’s good to know that Cooper and Lawrence are rounding out their acting chops, committing to films that should have a higher challenge rating in the ways of acting.

This may be the start of a new Hollywood screen couple. The last pairing I remember was Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Yes, that long ago. Since then I haven’t really paid attention.

Bradley Cooper, The Hangover star is also known for the movie Limitless; I didn’t care he was in the Hangover until I saw Limitless. Intelligence enhancer in an addictive pill? It sounds awesome! Cooper also has a full plate in acting. He’s expected to film The Hangover 3 later this year.

Darren Aronofsky was previously attached to helm the film Serena as director. This was to be alongside Angelina Jolie as the evil wife. It is now reported that Susanne Bier, director of In a Better World is also to direct Serena. Bier who is known for movies that tell tales about damaged people, appears to be a better fit to bring this tale of woe to life.

Here is a synopsis for the novel Serena, written by Ron Rash, published in 2008:

“The year is 1929, and newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton travel from Boston to the North Carolina mountains where they plan to create a timber empire. Although George has already lived in the camp long enough to father an illegitimate child, Serena is new to the mountains–but she soon shows herself to be the equal of any man, overseeing crews, hunting rattle-snakes, even saving her husband’s life in the wilderness. Together this lord and lady of the woodlands ruthlessly kill or vanquish all who fall out of favor. Yet when Serena learns that she will never bear a child, she sets out to murder the son George fathered without her. Mother and child begin a struggle for their lives, and when Serena suspects George is protecting his illegitimate family, the Pembertons’ intense, passionate marriage starts to unravel as the story moves toward its shocking reckoning.”

So in the film Silver Lining Playbook, Cooper and Lawrence become a couple in what I suppose will be a feel good romance movie about enjoying life. In Serena, they act like the ultimate married couple out to destroy one another, running through the woods in a Hunger Games, killer lumberjack fashion. Hopefully if they have a third movie, it’ll be about a couple that pit their children against one another like in a pokemon battle.  That’s what my parents did.