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The Rise of the Walking Dead Governor

Internet speculation went a little crazy again when talk about where the third season AMC’s The Walking Dead would take. If the show were to take the same progression as the graphic novels that they’re drawn from, it could be potential that we would see the introduction of the Governor; one of the story’s antagonists.

The Walking dead, is a horror themed television show that depicts a world succumb to a zombie apocalypse. What’s left of the world’s population is left to fend for themselves, making choices that will make them question their own moral compass and humanity. With their time left on Earth dwindling and the vacuum that a ravaged society has left, the surviving humans are nothing more than the walking dead.

The current debate is who should be cast and who will be cast for the role on the television series. All this started in a Movieweb interview with Tom Savini of gore movie fame and special effects.

“Listen, I have been campaigning to be the governor on that damn thing with Greg Nicotero for over a year. Everytime I see the graphic novel, and I see a picture of the governor, who looks just like me, I send Greg a picture. I just won’t give up. Last time I talked to him about it, when I was in Los Angeles, he said they were going after a name for that part. I said, “Who?” He said John Hawkes. Well, I never heard of John Hawkes. But then he reminds me that we were in From Dusk Till Dawn together. He is the guy at the beginning in the store that fires on them. Apparently he was up for an Academy Award. He was up for something called Winter’s Bone. That’s whom they are going after for The Governor. But everyone I talk to, the people that read the graphic novels…They’ve all said that I would be the perfect governor. Because he is tough and brutal. And…I look just like the graphic depiction of him!”

So Savini who has a rich history in horror films and special effects kind of started this public debate. As the perceived authority on all things caked in fake blood, I would have believed him if he said a sparkling vampire was to play the Governor; then I would have bit my tongue, spit real blood, then go confirm online or go vitriolic on a forum anonymously.

It has been since announced otherwise by Karen Samfilippo, Hawkes’ publicist that, “John is NOT appearing on The Walking Dead.”

With Savini as a fan favorite to appear as the Governor and Hawkes out of the running, the options for the shows producers seems somewhat slim pickings. Could this be the Hollywood version of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor novel?

It’s a trick. Get an axe!

Check out the promo for the return of The Walking Dead below

Could World War Z End The Zombie Genre?


I love zombies. I love zombie movies, I love zombie books. It is a genre that I really dig. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same. With the adaptation of Max Brooks’ brilliantly written World War Z, many feel that after this film comes out there isn’t much left to do in the genre. I am, like others, very weary of this adaptation for many reasons. One being that the book is an oral biography and I find it hard to translate that to a visual medium like film. Continue reading

Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Warm Bodies

Zombie Love with X-Men: First Class’ Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies

Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Warm Bodies

If you thought Nicholas Hoult was a beast in X-Men: First Class, just wait until you see him get bit by the love bug as a zombie in Summit Entertainment’s Warm Bodies. A place where it might not be a good thing for the guy to want the girl just for her brains.

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