Men in Black 3 Takes Top Spot At Box Office

Many people may not be surprised that highly anticipated Men in Black 3 took the top box office spot in its opening weekend. Although some people may be surprised that it replaced Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s The Avengers which was steadily holding the number one spot until last weekend.

MIB3 opened to earnings of $54.6 million, making it Will Smith’s third highest-grossing Friday-Sunday debut to date behind I Am Legend ($77.2 million) and Hancock ($62.6 million). However, despite it’s very strong opening when these figures are adjusted for 10 years of ticket price inflation and 3D ticket prices, Box Office Mojo reported that MIB3’s initial attendance was significantly lower than that of MIB 2. 

 In “Men in Black 3,” Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) head back in time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K’s life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right. J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that K never told him — secrets that will reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) to save his partner, the agency, and the future of humankind. 

MIB3 stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson, Nicole Scherzinger, Alice Eve, and Michael Stuhlbarg.

The film has good reason for being number one though. It has been receiving positive reviews, with a 76 percent audience rating at Rotten Tomatoes. The film’s audience was 54 percent male and 56 percent over the age of 25, according to Sony.

Even though Marvel’s The Avengers was knocked out of the top spot, it is not about to lose steam. The film still made $46.9 million during the four-day weekend. Its three-day gross was $36.7 million, which is the second highest fourth weekend ever behind Avatar’s $50.3 million.

Other films that opened this weekend included Oren Peli’s horror flick Chernobyl Diaries as the 12 highest grossing movie, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom also opened with the highest grossing indie debut of all time, according to Box Office Mojo.

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