9 Scenes From Storm of Swords That Will Be Awesome On Screen


A Storm of Swords is the third novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. It is also going to be the basis for seasons 3 and 4 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” So far the show has not let me down, and as long as they do these 9 scenes correctly, I’ll be happy.

The new season is still kind of far away, but the more news I hear and the more cast pictures I see, the more I anticipate the third season.

So here is a countdown of the 9 moments from SoS that I am most excited to see translated on screen.

::::MAJOR Spoilers Ahead::::

9: Daenerys obtains the Unsullied

I may be the first to admit, but I find the Dany storylines slightly boring. It’s mostly just her complaining to Jorah about her rightful throne and stumbling around Essos. Yeah, her dragons are fucking cool and her slight lesbianism with her handmaidens is hot but she is just… whiny.

However, the way she obtains her army, the Unsullied, was one of my favorite parts of her storyline in SoS. The idea of her giving up one of her children, her dragons for an army bewildered me till I realized her plan.

I think this scene is super important. Using her newly acquired army to sack the city and regain her dragon was clever and strong-willed. This is the first time in the series that I was able to see her as a leader and not as a disillusioned child. She was willing to not only raid the city, but also free the slaves. She is becoming stronger but is managing to hold on to her compassionate side, something most in Westeros can’t seem to do.

8: Jon Snow and Ygritte

I LOVE Jon Snow, and his hair. His beautiful hair. I’m also infinitely jealous of Ygritte (and Rose Leslie for that matter). So I live vicariously through the exploits of the lovers.

If you read any of the scenes between the two and your heart didn’t both ache with sadness and melt with love, then you are probably a robot.

The scenes are filled with hope and grief. Hope for the future of Jon Snow and his happiness yet grief over knowing his mindset. He knows he can’t stay with her, that he has to leave her even though every fiber of his being doesn’t want it.

Also, I want to run my fingers through his hair.

Yes, yes we would

7: Daenerys and Ser Jorah

I included this on the list because it is two books/seasons in the making. Dany needs to learn the truth about Ser Jorah. I mean, yeah, he loves her (creepily I might add) but he still betrayed her in the beginning and it is about time she knew about that.

I think Iain Glen is amazing so I am looking forward to him in this scene specifically. It is emotional moment for both characters and I can only imagine the sad puppy love look that will be all over Jorah’s face.

The Knight of the Friend-zoned

6: Shae’s betrayal

UGH. SHAE. I had such high hopes for her by the end of CoK and the second season. All those hopes were dashed in a two paragraph long structure. I’ve never gone so quickly to liking a character, to hating her, to wanting her dead.

When her betrayal of Tyrion was revealed, I wanted her dead instantly. I got some sort of smug satisfaction that this whore got what she deserved and that it was Tyion who did it.

Watching it will be sad, for sure, to see the hurt in Tyrion’s eye when he finds Shae in his father’s bed will kill me. But seeing that hurt become rage and power will be awesome.

Yeah, because you are a whore. 

5: Joffrey’s death

Some people will say this needs to be higher. But hear me out. We ALL KNEW that his death was inevitable. You can argue that this is A Song of Ice and Fire, that we can expect all the characters to die, but Joffrey is different. Everyone wants him dead. Not just readers but characters throughout the series want him dead. His death had to happen. His death was essential to the safety of so many characters, and vital to moving the story forward.

BUT just because it was a necessity, doesn’t mean I, and fans everywhere, didn’t love seeing him die. Especially in such an ungraceful way. He doesn’t die valiantly in battle, rather he is poisoned and chokes to death in front of everyone at his wedding.

I have a feeling that the Internet and viewers everywhere will be cheering for this scene.

When someone who doesn’t watch the show asks me why I don’t care that he dies

4: Jaime losing his hand

There is SO much to the character of Jaime Lannister. Losing a hand for most would suck, yes, but losing his sword fighting hand for Jaime is a huge deal.  Jaime has said he is only truly alive when he is having sex and sword fighting.

I think this is one of the more important aspects of his characterization because it becomes the catalyst for his change to an honorable person. Jaime is one of the few characters that appear to be unredeemable but end up being probably one of the most honorable people in the series.

I’m also all for more of the Jaime and Brienne relationship.

 It’s okay Jaime, I do too. 

3: Jaime explaining the truth behind Kingslaying

I always enjoyed Jaime’s POV chapters. There is so much more to the character that he doesn’t let on to those around him. The view of Jaime Lannister is completely different compared to who he actually is.

Like Brienne doesn’t want to be called Wench, Jaime hates being called Kingslayer because he did what he did to save thousands of innocent lives. But what I am excited to see how they portray this revelation in the series. Will they have a flashback? Or will it just be an elegant soliloquy? It is a crucial moment in the life of Jaime that changes him forever and in that moment it is also vital to his relationship with Brienne.

He is also pretty dreamy himself…

2: The truth behind Petyr Baelish

I think we all knew from the beginning that Petyr was a fucking snake. But the extent of his abilities were not even partially realized until SoS. He has always been able to have his hands in business all over Westeros but it is revealed that his actions are what led to the crucial events of the entire series.

He convinced Lysa to murder her husband and blame it on Lannisters setting in motion the entire conflict gripping the world. He is the one who poisons and kills Joffrey, and he kills Lysa effectively taking control of the neutral territory of the Vale while holding Sansa Stark there.

I am looking really looking forward to any scene with Littlefinger in it but also primarily the climax of his relationship with Lysa as she goes crazy and culminates in death.

What a creep


OH MY GOD, THE RED WEDDING. I knew of this event before I even began reading SoS though I had no idea what happened. I only knew it would make me sad and angry, and boy did it ever. After finishing the scene, I literally threw the book down on the ground, covered it with a pillow and refused to pick it up for the rest of the night.

I was so traumatized by it that this is all I could say:

I’m not sure if this will be in Season 3 or Season 4 but either way, it is the paramount moment of the entire novel and series up to this point.


6 thoughts on “9 Scenes From Storm of Swords That Will Be Awesome On Screen

  1. Martouille

    What about the murder of Jeor Mormont in Craster’s house by his own men or the first meeting between Samwell and Coldhands ?

  2. danielleburger

    What about the attack on the wall with the mammoths, giants etc. where Jon basically takes over command and kicks their asses?  That will be an awesome scene! 

    1. redxxiii

      danielleburger Yes. I was wondering about al that happens at the Wall as well. And Stannis. And Dondarrion vs the Hound. I’m sure all this is probably till season 4 tho.

  3. seongimhong

    >No one is raping me>Yeah, because you are a whore…Seriously? I can’t decide whether to laugh at or pity your childish sense of dichotomy. Shae was a catspaw in Cersei’s games. What choice does a smallfolk (a prostitute, no less) have in game of thrones but to follow whoever is the most powerful? Cersei can kill Shae for disobeying and no-one will give a rat’s ass about it.Also– she was a whore, and fucked Tyrion for money. Tyrion is the one responsible for forgetting that (and basically denying her payment toward the end of the employment…)And I’m not even going to touch the “whores don’t get raped” statement.

  4. seongimhong

    >No one is raping me>Yeah, because you’re a whoreSeriously? I don’t know whether to pity or laugh at your ridiculous sense of dichotomy. Shae was a catspaw in Cersei’s political games. What does a smallfolk (and a prostitute) do but follow whoever is the most powerful in the game? Cersei would have Shae killed for disobedience, and no one would give a rat’s ass.As for whether Shae had a moral obligation to “defend” Tyrion… Tyrion was the one who went over the bounds of their contract multiple times, first by keeping her without pay and then by falling in love with her. She has sex for money. It’s her livelihood. She had no obligations to love him as a person. Tyrion’s own issues about self worth and love came into play, and she didn’t deserve murder. Was it wrong? Yes. Was it a betrayal you make it out to be? Nope.Let’s not even touch your “whores can’t be raped” statement… 


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